Types of Aid

What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is monetary assistance intended to help you meet the expenses of going to college. "Aid" may be in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, employment, opportunities, or a combination of these. 


Virtually all colleges and universities assume that the primary financial responsibility for higher education rests with the student and his or her parents (where applicable). That is why "financial aid" doesn't cover all of your expenses. The Financial Aid Office at Gonzaga wants to assist you in "bridging the gap" between the cost of attendance and the ability you and your family have to meet those costs. Over 95% of all Gonzaga undergraduates receive institutional financial aid, and the University remains committed to supporting all students in this regard. 

Disbursement of Financial Aid 

Student Financial Services provides financial aid refunds to students around the first day of classes for those students who have submitted all required materials at least 30 days prior to the start of the term. Virtual Campus students will receive financial aid refunds two weeks after the start of the term. Pell eligible students who need financial assistance to purchase their books at the start of the term should contact Student Financial Services. 

Financial Aid at Gonzaga

Gonzaga strives to provide quality education to worthy students from all economic backgrounds. With the help of institutional merit- and need-based financial aid offers funded by generous donations from lifelong friends of Gonzaga, state grants and scholarships, federal grants and scholarships, and federal and state work study, thousands have been able to enjoy the Gonzaga experience of higher education. Our students are important to us, and we strive to balance each financial aid offer to make that educational experience possible for many.

Keep Your Financial Information Organized

We recommend you keep a file of all financial aid information for future reference, including copies of applications, aid offers and other information.