Financial Aid for Study Abroad

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Gonzaga offers many study abroad opportunities, allowing you to broaden your horizons by studying in different countries worldwide.  Gonzaga has a flagship program in Florence, Italy, and numerous sponsored programs so that you can select the perfect location for your academic goals and interests.  You can study abroad for a semester, academic year or over the summer.  With so many options, students of all majors, have the opportunity to study abroad all over the world.  

Gonzaga Sponsored Study Abroad Program: Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

  • Students will pay the same in tuition as if they were attending Gonzaga's main campus.
  • Students may have separate study abroad fees.
  • For questions or concerns regarding billing or payment information, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.
  • During the fall and spring terms, full-time undergraduate students will be eligible for their Gonzaga, Federal and State funding.  
  • During the summer term, students are NOT eligible for their Gonzaga funding, but may be eligible for Federal or State funding.
  • For questions or concerns regarding financial aid while studying abroad, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • Please be advised, non-sponsored study abroad programs may have different billing/payment and financial aid guidelines.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Gain a global perspective.
  • Experience diverse cultures.
  • Enhance language skills.
  • Expand career opportunities.  

Fun Facts

  • Roughly 63% of Gonzaga students study abroad.
  • Range of exciting destinations with over 30 different countries and up to 50 different study abroad programs.
  • Gonzaga-in-Florence flagship program.
  • Opportunities for all majors.

Getting Started