Tuition Exchange and FACHEX

Gonzaga University employees and their dependents are eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange or FACHEX if the employee’s 5th anniversary date is prior to September of the year their dependent will be a freshmen in college. 

A list of participating Tuition Exchange Schools can be found at the Families tab at the Tuition Exchange webpage.

A list of participating Jesuit Universities participating in the FACHEX program can be found at the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities webpage
Some Jesuit Universities participate in both Tuition Exchange and FACHEX.

Application Process

The application for the Tuition Exchange or FACHEX program must be completed by October 1st of the dependent's senior year in high school. 

  • You can apply for up to 10 schools with one application.  If applying for more than 10 schools, another application will be need to be completed.
  • If you decide to add a school after the first application has been completed, you will need to submit another application.
  • Jesuit schools selected will be added for both Tuition Exchange and FACHEX if the school participates in both programs.
  • Do NOT list Gonzaga University as an "import school".  Gonzaga Universities utilizes the tuition waiver application in Zagweb.  This tuition waiver application should be submitted by the employee in May of each year.
To complete the Online Application, Select the "Families" Tab.

Once the Online Application has been completed, the information will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.  Human Resources will request additional documentation.  To learn more about what documentation you will need to submit to Human Resources, please visit their Tuition Waiver webpage.

Once Student Financial Services receives confirmation of the employee eligibility for Tuition Exchange and/or FACHEX, the application will be approved and forwarded to the import school.

The selection process for a Tuition Exchange or FACHEX Scholarship is very competitive.  How decisions are made varies by institution.  Applicants should confer with the institution they are interested in to learn about how selection is made, deadlines, etc.