Programs of Study

At Gonzaga, we challenge our students to improve their own lives and the lives of others. Pursuing a graduate degree here will enable you to do both. Because our Jesuit values run through everything we do, Gonzaga emphasizes ethics and integrity, compassion and character—so as you develop greater ability in your field, you also develop a greater sense of responsibility toward your fellow men and women.

Whether you enroll in one of our 26 master's or 4 doctorate programs, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to advance your learning, your career, and your capacity to serve. You'll learn from expert faculty who are at the top of their fields and professionals at the top of their game. You’ll tackle a curriculum rooted in the fundamentals and relevant to today’s every-changing, ever-more-connected world. You’ll learn through real-life projects, participating in internships, research, conferences, and travel.

And you’ll graduate armed with a master’s degree or doctorate that declares you are as much a person of intellect and ability as of vision and values.

Explore our Graduate Degrees

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