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MBA in American Indian Entrepreneurship

Gonzaga's MBA in American Indian Entrepreneurship (MBA-AIE) program was established in 2001 with the generous help of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation. Gonzaga University was chosen to develop the program because of its national recognition, accreditation, strong mission, and commitment to social justice. The program strives to prepare leaders to effectively manage and support sustainable business on American Indian reservations. Since its inception, it has given over 74 alumni the skills necessary to make a positive impact on their tribes and reservations. Gonzaga offers generous scholarships for applicants to this unique and transformative program.

Program Structure

  • Each new cohort begins in the summer with a three-week session at Gonzaga University. On-campus housing is provided for students, and family members are welcome to live with students on campus. The remaining three weeks of summer term are taught via distance learning which includes online, videos, and special projects. 
  • Fall and spring semesters include three to five day on-campus visits and distance learning.
  • The program is comprised of a total of 35 credit hours, and is completed in a 2-year, lock step model.
  • The MBA-AIE Alumni Advisory Board regularly reviews the relevance of programming and seeks to build relationships with current students.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Without taking any financial assistance or scholarships into consideration, graduate tuition at Gonzaga is $1,190/credit. The total tuition for all 35 credits of the MBA-AIE would be $41,650, however Gonzaga offers students of the MBA-AIE program a 50% tuition discount which greatly reduces the total tuition costs.
  • Summer housing for the three-week summer sessions is covered in full.
  • Hotel expenses for fall and spring on-campus visits are covered in full.
  • Travel expenses to campus are reimbursed at a rate of 50% up to $500/semester.
  • Books are included. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrolled membership in a federally recognized American Indian or Alaska Native Tribe is a requirement for all candidates EXCEPT for non-natives working at tribal colleges and native-owned businesses.
  • Earned a bachelor's degree,

How to Apply

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