Pre-Law Students

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Students who intend to pursue the study of law are encouraged to enroll in business courses that will provide a solid understanding of the integral relationship between law and business.

Core courses such as Principles of Accounting I and II (ACCT 260 and 261), Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (ECON 101 and 102) are recommended for pre-law students with majors outside the School of Business Administration. Accounting provides basic skills to prepare and analyze financial statements and to complete case analysis; economics gives an understanding of how economics affects government fiscal policies, international trade, labor and other resource markets, political decisions, etc.

In addition, a pre-law student in the School of Business Administration will benefit from courses in the Law and Public Policy concentration. This concentration includes various courses which involve legal issues such as corporate taxation, regulation of securities trading, business ethics, mergers and acquisitions, and antitrust policy and regulation. All of these courses provide pre-law students a unique insight into how business functions within the framework of the legal system.

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