Each year, scholarships from endowments and gifts are offered to full-time business and accounting students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Business Administration. Full-time business and accounting majors who meet the requirements and are returning in fall are eligible for these scholarships. The deadline for students to make sure information is accurate for consideration in the offer process is February 1. Please be sure the following information is up-to-date:

  • Financial Need: Financial aid forms (e.g., FAFSA) must have been filed by February 1 with the University by students applying for any of the scholarships. Please note that there are a small percentage of scholarships that do not have need-based criteria. For such scholarships, the filing of a FAFSA is not necessary. To be eligible for any scholarship that has need-based criteria a FAFSA is necessary.
  • Declared Majors and Concentrations: Please be sure you have properly declared your major(s) and concentration(s) with the University by February 1st, so your records match any declared majors/concentrations on your application. This is important for scholarships that require a specific major/concentration

In the case of continuing students there is no need to apply. If the above information is up-to-date the Financial Aid office has everything that it needs to make the offers. In most cases, no additional information is required from you. If more information is needed, the Financial Aid office will be contacting you. You will be notified of these offers in your financial aid package this spring.

Other Resources

  • Accounting Scholarships: There are several accounting scholarships offered annually from accounting firms.
  • Outside Scholarship Database: Should you wish to apply for financial aid outside of Gonzaga University, an Outside Scholarship Database is available to you. It is updated monthly with new information so please feel free to check it out.
  • Renewable scholarships: Students who receive the Brajcich scholarship or the Teresita Coombes scholarship- please do not apply again. Should your eligibility qualifications change, the Financial Aid Office will notify you.
  • Scholarships for Incoming Freshman: Daniel G. Brajcich scholarships are available for incoming freshmen who plan on majoring in accounting and/or business administration.
  • Scholarships for Graduate Students: There are numerous financial aid opportunities for our graduate students.