Mozilo Student Experience
SBA Internship-ONE Collaboration


The core focus of the Phyllis and Angelo Mozilo Chair of Business Administration is on what might be best described as compassionate capitalism.  Capitalism is a core strength of American business, the most important building block of the American economy, and a primary means by which the United States achieves greatness in the world.  At the same time, capitalism must be pursued with an eye toward helping those in need, benefiting those who require support and assistance.  In support of this objective, Mozilo Student Experience funds provide funding for experiential learning through competitions and professional career development, study abroad, the establishment of a student-led investment fund and internship opportunities to help businesses and people thrive. 

The Angelo and Phyllis Mozilo Chair in Business Administration was established in 2017 and supports initiatives in new and innovative ways.  Dr. Danielle Xu is the inaugural chair. 



The challenges brought by the pandemic have provided many opportunities to take care of one another.  They have provided a wonderful platform for innovative action as we practice being citizens for and with one another in a challenged environment. 


Showing up by developing alternative learning and experiential platforms for the students continues to be a top priority for the business school faculty and leadership. Growing through these challenges has given new energy to continue engaging business students.  The development of an internship initiative has emerged that is key to moving in partnership with our Gonzaga University Center for Community Engagement (CCE) colleagues and with our neighbors in the northeast community within which Gonzaga University lives and serves.


SBA   |   Mozilo   |   ONE Partnership

Through our SBA partnership with Opportunity Northeast (ONE) and the Mozilo Family, business students will be learning about place-based initiatives and ONE. They will be immersed in transformative, experiential learning opportunities while engaging deeply in shared community development in partnership with our neighbors and local organizations. All student interns will learn about place-based initiatives and business in ONE.  These internships will engage students as citizens in the northeast Spokane community.




Internship ONE-Business: 

A Mozilo Student Experience Internship initiative (see attached proposal) has emerged that is key to moving in partnership with our Gonzaga University Center for Community Engagement (CCE) colleagues and with our neighbors in the northeast community within which Gonzaga University lives and serves. A funding commitment has been made for up to five fully paid internships over the 2020-2021 academic year (up to 180 hours) and are currently being coordinated to begin in spring 2021 in support of ONE. 

The scope of the internships includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Financial Budgeting
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Personal Finance
  4. Taxation Consulting
  5. Operations and Supply Chain
  6. Marketing and Promotion
  7. Human Resources
  8. Business Planning
  9. Management Information System
  10. Data Analytics

Dr. Xu will be the supervisor and faculty advisor of record.  This fund will pay for the internships.  The business will provide the opportunity.  This experience will allow students to apply their academic learning to tackle the real-world issues and to make an impact to the society. It will also fulfill SBA values of academic excellence, active engagement, and innovative action. At the conclusion of the academic year, the students will present their work at the regional Student Symposium on Community Engagement in the spring. 


Internship-ONE-Investment Fund Development: 

Two student interns will work as a team to develop the five-year plan for investing in ONE.  This will include best ways to award the returns on the student-managed investments.  The objective is to build a foundation for the continued engagement of the business school in partnership with ONE.  The students will be researching and benchmarking five institutions with place-based initiatives and providing business plan for the best way the business school can commit to the initiative. 

The students will be exploring several possibilities.  The will be developing an investment return award plan and proposal.  The plan is that they will explore the possibility of starting a student-run, self-sufficient business either inside Gonzaga Haven or inside Northeast Community Center. This business plan might include partnership with local business owners and Catholic Charities. The business might also be used as a venue for career and professional training and after school tutoring. It may also provide externships for women in the neighborhood.

Dr. Xu will be the business and advisor of record.  This fund will pay for the internship. 

This is the first step in alignment with the intent of the funding provided by the Mozilo’s and the SBA’s vision.  It further aligns with the vision of ONE: Together with our Northeast neighbors, we will foster a thriving community for those who live, learn and work in Northeast Spokane.

For more information about the SBA | Mozilo | ONE internship, visit our internship page