ENTR 497 - Internship Guidelines


An approved internship is required for completion of the Concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Internships are designed to provide benefits to both students and business or not-for-profit partners. Interns gain valuable practical experience in applying concepts and analytical tools from their curriculum. In addition, they may receive academic credit, wages, and increase their marketability and productivity in the job market. Internship partners receive highly capable and dedicated students and exposure to current academic expertise, fresh ideas and different perspectives.

The Ideal Internship

The ideal internship is one in which the student applies concepts and analytical tools from her/his curriculum in an entrepreneurial context. Entrepreneurial contexts could be for-profit or not-for-profit organizations that are start-ups, new ventures, or established companies that are considering or creating new business ventures. A new venture division in a large company may also apply. Entrepreneurial contexts would also include consulting companies, venture capital companies and other organizations that evaluate or provide services for new ventures. Ideally, for example, an engineering student would apply engineering and entrepreneurship skills in a start-up or new venture.

Eligibility and Credit Hours

Students with sophomore-level standing are eligible to apply for Hogan Program internships; applications can be submitted any time throughout the year, but must be submitted prior to beginning the internship. Internships in the Hogan Program can be taken on a zero (0) to three (3) credit basis. The general guideline for any internship to satisfy Hogan Program requirements is approximately 180 hours worked (full-time or part-time), regardless of the number of academic credits for which the student is registered. Students must register and pay for any credits in the semester in which the majority of the 180 hours is performed. All internships are graded on a satisfactory/non-satisfactory (S/NS) basis.

Students may take more than one internship while at Gonzaga, but a maximum of three credits of internship will count towards the requirements for the Entrepreneurial Leadership minor. ENTR 497 internship credits may also satisfy internship requirements for other majors or minors. Consult with your adviser to confirm.  All internships, including those for zero-credit, are included on the transcript and indicate additional practical experience in the field of study.  

Finding an Internship

Finding the right internship is primarily the student's responsibility, with the support of the Hogan Program Assistant Director.

Students should meet with the Hogan Program Asst. Director and the Gonzaga Career Center Internship Coordinator to compile a list of potential internships.  If the student has a specific company or project in mind, the student should work directly with the company or organization and the Program Asst. Director to develop an internship proposal.  Students should also review the list of companies interested in interns found on ZagsIgnite or the SBA internship site at

Application Process

Contact the Hogan Program Assistant Director any time to explore internship opportunities and initiate the application process. Planning ahead will enhance the chances for the best possible placement.

Students are required to complete the Internship Approval Form and obtain the required signatures from their company/organization supervisor, their advisor, and the Hogan Program Asst. Director prior to beginning the internship.  If not pre-approved, students run the risk of engaging in an internship that will not be accepted for ENTR 497 credit.

The student takes the completed form to the Program Asst. Director who will approve and submit to the Registrar's Office.  

Requirements for Completing an Internship

All students, regardless of the number of credits (0-3), are expected to:

  • Document dates and times spent on the internship. Keeping a journal is highly recommended.
  • Upon completion of the internship, have your direct supervisor in the host organization complete a performance evaluation using the Supervisor Evaluation Form and submit it to the Hogan Program Assistant Director (the supervisor must also verify the dates and times the student worked on the internship).
  • Upon completion of the internship, submit a three to five page Internship Report, covering the following topics, to the Hogan Program Assistant Director. This report will be graded by the Hogan Program Director.
    1. Brief description of company or organization,
    2. Description of your project/role and your specific tasks and responsibilities,
    3. Explanation of how you applied the concepts and skills from your academic major and the Hogan Program minor,
    4. The specific lessons learned from the internship experience,
    5. A summary of the value you added to the company/organization.

Important Considerations

All internship requirements should be completed and submitted to the Hogan Program Assistant Director within four weeks of completing the internship. An IP (In Progress) grade will be assigned until the work is received and graded. IP grades do not show up on your transcript but are simply replaced by the letter (S/NS) grade assigned. An IP grade may become an involuntary withdrawal if not completed within one year. 

The internship experience is a critical component of your Hogan Program learning experience and should be completed prior to the start of your senior year. Your senior Hogan classes will build on the "real world" experiences gained in your internship.