Study Abroad

A study abroad experience gives you a valuable perspective, and is a vital contribution to your Jesuit business education. Gonzaga University has approved Sponsored Programs to allow Gonzaga financial aid and scholarships to be applied to the cost of those programs (although these packages are not disbursed until the beginning of the study abroad term). All sponsored programs are vetted by the university for academic rigor, safety, security, housing, and meals to determine if they meet Gonzaga’s standards.

You may be new to the idea of study abroad or international travel, or you might have heard from your siblings or parents about what amazing study abroad experience they had. We live in a global society and today’s employers are seeking out culturally diverse and experienced personnel. Our goal is to help students find the academic and cultural experience they seek, while ensuring that students can graduate on time. We do recommend that students go earlier in their academic career as they will have more flexibility with their classes that fits within their degree plan.