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Master's in Sport & Athletic Administration

The sport industry is a big business across the world with nearly unlimited potential for those who want to begin or enhance their career. From professional sports to college athletic departments to coaching, Gonzaga's Master of Arts in Sport and Athletic Administration gives you the edge you need to succeed in the industry you love.

Expand your Skills

Being passionate about sports is not enough to make a career in the sport industry. Our program helps you understand the influence of sport in society and develops your skills in the following categories:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Media Relations
  • Facilities Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Title IX Competency
  • Community Outreach
  • Team Building

Develop your Career

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on average professionals with a master’s degree earn $12,000 more a year than those with a bachelor’s degree. Some of the career opportunities that may be available to you:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Media Relations
  • Ticketing & Sales
  • Sport Facilities Management
  • Team & Game Operations
  • Account Executive
  • Intercollegiate Compliance
  • Athletic Director
  • Academic Advising

Extend your Reach

The Gonzaga University brand is well known in the sports world and beyond. Earning your degree from Gonzaga adds prestige to your resume. You will also become a part of Gonzaga’s vast alumni network. Our graduates work at many organizations including:

  • New York Mets
  • Seattle Thunderbirds
  • Seattle Storm
  • U.S. Women's Basketball
  • Spokane Chiefs
  • Spokane Empire
  • Gonzaga University
  • University of Hawaii
  • University of Utah

Stretch your Mind

You will gain real-world experience with an internship. Here is a partial list of where our graduates have interned:

  • Seattle Mariners
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Washington Football Team
  • Fiesta Cactus Bowl
  • Tacoma Rainiers
  • Spokane Hoopfest
  • Gonzaga University
  • Texas A&M University

Online or On-Campus Options


Ashley Camano

Ashley Camano

MASAA | New York Mets

"I really attribute so much of my ability to make a move to the New York Mets to this program. I think this program has done a really great job of giving us a baseline of all of the different issues that you might encounter as a member of a sports organization."

Kynlyn Jackson

Kynlyn Jackson

MASAA | Parks & Recreation, Lynnwood, WA

"This degree helps you to prepare for the future, it teaches you innovative approaches to doing things and helps you become better at your job."

Karinne Nelson

Karinne Davis

Coach | Alumna

"I would recommend this degree program for anyone who is looking for a future career in sports. You learn from A to Z what it takes to work in the field of sports, it gives you so many avenues to take. If you have an interest in sports and you want to work in sports, without a doubt this is the program you want."

Brent Seidel

Brent Seidel

Seattle Thunderbirds | Alumnus

"I chose the program at Gonzaga because I knew Gonzaga was a great institution that provided quality education. My degree has helped me to reach positions in my career that I truly don't believe I could have earned or been effective in, if I did not earn my degree."

Kassondra Landry

Kassondra Landry

Boise State University | Alumna

"Because of this degree I have achieved my dream job as the Boise State Spirit Squad Director."

Ken Halpin

Ken Halpin

Athletic Director | Alumnus

"My degree has absolutely helped me. First and foremost, it opened necessary doors to get me that very first job in athletics. If I didn't get that first one, none of these others would have happened. I've received several promotions since getting the degree. Master's degrees in sport are becoming more and more popular. Gonzaga's program has the benefit of having entered the industry early and placing many successful graduates into the industry."