Program Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills reflective of the Gonzaga University Mission Statement
  • Exemplify how sport is a microcosm of society influenced by diverse sociological factors
  • Apply fundamental marketing knowledge and concepts
  • Apply ethical and legal decision-making principles
  • Exemplify characteristics of management and leadership
  • Implement fundamental principles of finance
  • Evaluate and utilize variety of research methods relevant to the field
  • Compare and evaluate the planning, design and operations of venues

We offer two options for you to earn your Master's in Sport and Athletic Administration.  You can either take courses online or on-campus.

No matter which option you choose, you will receive the same high-quality and rigorous education that includes one-on-one attention from your professors.

Curriculum Overview - Online

  • 10 Classes
  • 1 Internship 
  • No campus visit required

Curriculum Overview - On-Campus

  • 10 Classes
  • 2 Internships
  • All classes on campus


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EDPE 500 Sport & Athletic Promotions - 3 Credits

This course explores the study of policies and practices in managing relations with external and internal publics associated with the sport and athletic industry. Media relations, publicity for both print and broadcast press, marketing strategies, advertising and campaign development, sponsorships, and marketing ethics are some of the main topics to be covered.

EDPE 501 Sport Media and Communication - 3 Credits

This course will examine today's world of communication by examining the converging industries of journalism, public relations, marketing, and advertising as expressed in the new commercial reality of sport. The student will be provided with a history of the sport media and the changes the media has undergone in recent years. The students will also have the opportunity to be placed in the media chair and produce written material as a reporter covering an athlete program or sporting event.

EDPE 514 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Sport - 3 Credits

This course will familiarize students with the legal and ethical aspects surrounding sport organizations. Topics covered include tort law, contract law, agency law, constitutional law, Title IX and ethical theories within the work place.

EDPE 525 Sport & Athletics in Social Context - 3 Credits

This course focuses on an analysis of historical sport and athletic events, the structure of sport in societies, and the social factors influencing the positive and negative outcomes of those events. Topics such as diversity, economics, politics, media, and religion will be covered as well as an investigation of the social impact of these issues on sport and athletic environments.

EDPE 565 Research Methods and Statistics in Sport/Athletics - 3 Credits

This course focuses on the research methods, statistical techniques and applications of social research and evaluation process using SPSS in the context of sport and athletics. Students are required to complete an individual research proposal by the end of semester consisting of three chapters (introduction, review of literature, and methodology).  Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice SPSS, statistical computer software for social science.

EDPE 571 Sport & Athletic Finance - 3 Credits

In this course, students will analyze budget techniques and strategies for financial planning and decision-making in sport and athletic programs. Emphasis will be given to revenue productions and fundraising relevant to both community and school supported sport programs.

EDPE 594 Special Topics in Sport and Athletics - 3 Credits
Online course only

This course covers various current issues and topics within the sport and athletic industry.  The course topics are selected by faculty.

EDPE 613 Administration in Sport & Athletics - 3 Credits

Students will study organizational theories and practices with an emphasis on sport industries. Leadership styles and theories, organizational development, personnel, fiscal, and legal issues will be covered.

EDPE 621 Facility Management in Sport and Athletics - 3 Credits

This course covers theories, policies, principles, and practical applications of facility management and operations, with special emphasis on designing, planning, operating, and maintaining of sports facilities.  Students will develop and utilize a variety of materials pertaining to sport event and venue operations such as an event bidding proposal, a facility review evaluation report, area of expert papers and case studies.

EDPE 696A Sport and Athletic Administration: Internship I - 3 Credits

In this course, students will engage in an intensive supervised field experience in a sport or athletics related organization approved by the instructor of record. Internships will consist of 150 hours including the completion of written assignments. Internships for online students will consist of 175 hours including the completion of written assignments.

EDPE 696B Sport and Athletic Administration: Internship II - 3 Credits, On-Campus Students Only

A continuation of EDPE 696A. An intensive field supervised experience in a sport or athletic related organization approved by the instructor of record. Internships will consist of 150 hours including the completion of written assignments.  Prerequisites: EDPE 696A

EDPE 699 Capstone Experience - 1 credit

This is the student's final experience demonstrating competency in content knowledge through an oral or written project. The student will prepare a final portfolio of work accomplished throughout the program and present it to a designated audience.