Our degree brings theological reflection and leadership together in a unique online program.  Gonzaga's Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership builds upon your knowledge of Christian theological traditions, while helping you gain insight and real tools to become a more effective leader in your church, organization and community.

Expand your Skills

Our curriculum gives you a strong foundation in theological studies, but you will also gain expertise in the practice of leadership. Our program offers a foundation in leadership with elective courses from the Organizational Leadership program.

Develop your Calling

Whether you are already involved in a ministry or mission-oriented position, or are interested in moving in that direction, our program will equip you to work in a variety of fields including:
  • Ministry
  • Lay Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Religious Education
  • Education

Extend your Community

You will gain a connection to others who are committed to social justice, community and service. Our cohort model means you will share your experiences with the same group of students from start to finish, including during two on-campus visits that enhance community building.  You will also receive personal attention from faculty and have access to Gonzaga's vast alumni network.

Stretch your Mind

You will be immersed in a rich online learning environment that will expose you to a variety of ways to build community not only at home, but across the world.


Maura Timony

Maura Timony

Teacher | Alumna

“It’s been really eye opening for me and very applicable to my current work and what I see for my future.”

Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia

L.A. Archdiocese | Current Student

"Here at the university it feels like people are invested in you and people care. I think that has been a different experience for me."

Cami Foerester

Cami Forrester


“We are coming from all different faith backgrounds and it has been this beautiful opportunity for us to learn from one another.”

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