volunteer paints kids face at block party

Community Engagement & Service

At Gonzaga, we act on behalf of the common good and local communities. From volunteering at homeless shelters, to mentoring youth in our public schools, to promoting social justice across the world, our students make a difference in the lives of others – and are transformed along the way.

The Center for Community Engagement coordinates community and public service programs, including service-learning courses, community-based volunteer and outreach programs, and external volunteer projects. We offer unlimited opportunities to support causes that matter to you, develop valuable leadership skills and carry out Gonzaga’s Jesuit mission of serving others.

To become a volunteer for our CCE programs apply below.

CCE Volunteer Application

*New & Returning Mentors: Please have the following reference form completed by a non-related, professional or academic reference who can speak to your strengths and experience. Forms may NOT be filled out by CCE Student Leaders.

To apply to become a CCE Student Leader, apply below

CCE Leader Application

Student Leader Applications for Mission: Possible open on March 18th. To apply for Mission: Possible, click below:

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