About the Center for Community Engagement

Vision Statement

We believe every person has infinite worth and together we can create a more just and equitable world.

Mission Statement

By connecting Gonzaga University with local, regional and global partners, The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) positively transforms our students and communities.

Honoring the Jesuit commitment to social justice and solidarity, CCE partners with staff, faculty and the community to develop relationships grounded in reciprocity that strive to meet the needs of the community and promote social change.

CCE provides experiences that allow students to hone their intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional gifts in service for the common good. Through these experiences, students will grow in their understanding of complex societal issues, will have the desire and ability to challenge oppression in their own communities, and will seek solidarity with those impacted by injustice.


Equity & Inclusion

We build inclusive communities that value the dignity of every person and the richness that diverse cultures, perspectives and experiences bring to our collective work. We explore the role that privilege and marginalization play in our service and our lives. We value human difference and promote equity and justice for all people.


We place relationships and community at the heart of our work. In the spirit of kinship, we share our space, time, and love with others to create genuine relationships.


We enter this work with an open heart and a deep commitment to learn from others. We seek to suspend our own judgments, stereotypes and need for certainty. We recognize our perspective is limited and we actively engage with the perspectives and stories of others.

Social Justice

We seek to reverse systemic injustices in our world. In addition to providing short-term solutions to immediate problems, we challenge ourselves to become active agents of long-term social change.


We seek to be people with and for others. We see all people, regardless of difference, as part of our family and of infinite worth. Solidarity moves us beyond compassion toward a deep and enduring commitment to realizing the common good.


By providing educational opportunities that allow students to become their most authentic, true selves, we develop global citizens with an educated awareness of and commitment to creating a more just, peaceful and equitable world. These experiences provide the opportunity for long-term social change in our community.