Logan House


The Logan House is a collaborative program between Housing and Residence Life and the Center for Community Engagement. The program is built as an inclusive and intentional community of 4-5 students focused on ethical community engagement in and with the Logan neighborhood. Residents spend the year learning about key community assets and issues through engagement in the neighborhood and organizing semester events.

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Questions? Want to learn more? Contact Andrea Davis in the Center for Community Engagement: davisa@gonzaga.edu

three students standing in front of a building with the words 'Donut Parade, est 1968' inscribed on it

Members of the 2019-2020 Logan House outside a local favorite, the Donut Parade.

a hand-drawn sign fastened to a chain-link fence. The sign reads #LoganSpokane with a illustration of children and a house on the bottom of the sign.


Learn More about the Logan Community House

House location may change year to year, as it is one of the residences owned by Gonzaga University, but the house will be within a half mile of campus.


The cost of rent is $300 a month, rent does not include electricity and wifi.


Residents are required to participate in a CCE program or with a community organization working in Spokane (preferably in Northeast Spokane) during the resident’s year of living in the house. Residents also have a rotating schedule of attending the monthly Logan Neighborhood Council meetings. Residents are also encouraged to attend the weekly Logan Family Meal at Logan Elementary School.

Within the house, residents decide within their cohort each year what their community building nights look like, along with having opportunities to participate in monthly reflections facilitated by CCE staff.

Residents have a duty to send in monthly timesheets to the program manager.

Residents are required to comply with all Gonzaga University Housing and Residence Life policies for off campus students.

Everyone in the Logan Community House goes through an application process. Residents can encourage friends to apply, but the selection process is facilitated by CCE staff members. People may know one another, and everyone in the house will have some shared interests based on their commitments to community engagement!

In 2021, residents planned a weekend social media event in April. They highlighted local businesses of the Logan neighborhood while having followers of the CCE Instagram page participated to win prizes. The grand prize was a Nintendo Switch!


No, residents will need to provide their own furniture, just as they would when renting an off-campus house.


The lease runs from July 1st through May 31st.