Prepare for Study Abroad

Study Abroad students in Benin traveling by bus. 
You’ve taken the step to study abroad. You may a bit nervous about all that you have to accomplish over the next months in preparation for your study abroad experience.

Life abroad will likely look different from your life here in the US and our Study Abroad Office is here to help you through the process and preparations so you have a successful and enriching time abroad.   

After reading through our web sections, please explore the following helpful resources:

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Financing Your Study Abroad

When choosing a place to study, you need to consider not only your academic needs, but also the potential expenses that lie outside of the listed program cost.

Health, Safety & Insurance

Helping our students to stay safe and healthy is a top priority of the Study Abroad office.

Travel Documentation

Check out this information about passports, visas & more.

Diversity & Inclusion Abroad

Adjusting to a new culture is an inevitable transition and your background, identity, race, or status may be treated differently than you expect.

Setting Goals

If students think about goals and expectations before leaving, it will help make the study abroad experience more meaningful.

Sexual Misconduct Awareness & Prevention

Respecting and adapting to cultural difference does not mean that you need to submit to behaviors that invade your personal boundaries or that make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

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