Emergency Information for Study Abroad

We work proactively to provide students with access to information about safety in each program location. The Study Abroad Office has emergency policies and procedures that we continuously review and update. The Study Abroad office monitors the world situation daily through available channels, such as the U.S. State Department and the Overseas Security Advisory Council, and conveys any necessary information to our students when the situation requires.

Who to Contact

  1. In an emergency, your first call should be to local authorities or on-site staff as instructed during your on-site orientation upon arrival.
  2. Additionally, you can contact Gonzaga’s Campus Public Safety and Security Department which maintains a 24-hour emergency hotline. Call the hotline at (509) 313-2222 and the Study Abroad Office will get back to you immediately.

Helpful Tip

Know the local emergency numbers for police, fire department and calling an ambulance. Save on-site staff phone numbers and local emergency contact numbers to your phone or keep in your wallet or purse.

Click here to download a PDF with country-specific emergency telephone numbers.