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Study abroad is the ultimate college experience, and is one of not only profound personal and academic growth, but also a great resume building experience. It's a unique academic adventure that your student will need to adjust their expectations for: living in another country where academics, daily life, transportation, food, and language can be radically different from what they are used to. 

Sending your student abroad for a time can be a time of varying emotions, both highs and lows. The dangers of studying abroad are no different than living in the U.S. Problems can occur when students fail to take ownership of their study abroad experience. Because of the unique nature of studying abroad, we encourage students to take ownership.

We are here to assist you and your Zag throughout the study abroad process. We encourage you as parents to "guide from the side" as we understand that you are invested in this study abroad experience as well.

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Setting Goals

If students think about goals and expectations before leaving, it will help make the study abroad experience more meaningful.

Financing Study Abroad

When choosing a destination your student should consider their academic needs and potential expenses that lie outside of the listed program cost. Learn about factors to consider.

Health, Safety & Insurance

Helping our students to stay safe and healthy is a top priority of the Study Abroad office.

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