How to Access Your Financial Aid

Gonzaga's Financial Aid Office uses Zagweb for students to view and manage their financial aid offer. Zagweb is Gonzaga's online portal for students to manage many administrative tasks, such as registering for classes and managing financial aid.  

Newly Admitted Students: How to View Your Financial Aid Offer

Gonzaga's financial aid office mails new students a financial aid offer letter. You can also view and manage your financial aid in Zagweb after you have received your financial aid offer letter in the mail.  We will email you when your award is available to view in Zagweb. If you are a newly admitted student, please use the following instructions to view Zagweb.

Step 1: Log into

  • You will use your Zagmail address and password to access Zagweb.  For instructions on how to access your Zagmail account, log-in to your application status page (
  • Contact Gonzaga's ITS help desk at 509.313.5550 if you need assistance accessing Zagweb.

Step 2: Click on the financial aid tile. Once in the financial aid portal, Zagweb will display seven tabs: Home, Award Offer, Financial Aid History, Resources, Notifications, Satisfactory Academic Progress, and College Financing Plan.  

Step 3: Select the “Award Offer” tab to view your financial aid award offer.

  • The "Award Offer" tab includes your estimated Cost of Attendance, Grants and Scholarships, Work, and Loans.
  • Aid that needs to be accepted, declined, or reduced is located under "Options to Cover Net Cost". 
    • After making the appropriate selection, please be sure to scroll down and submit the financial aid offer by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page.  

Step 4: Stay in touch! Our student financial services office sends most communication via email, plan to check your inbox on a regular basis. The financial aid process looks a little bit different for each student, we will reach out when we need additional information. Feel free to send us an email, or give us a call if you have questions or concerns about your financial aid.


Navigate Your Financial Aid Offer on Zagweb

Below is a summary of the information you can find on each of the seven financial aid tabs

  • Home: This provides you with “Student Requirements” and lists any “Unsatisfied Requirements” that must be completed in order to finalize and disburse financial aid. It is important that you respond immediately to requests for this information. This page also includes “General Links” to the FAFSA Application, Federal Financial Aid Information, Gonzaga Financial Aid Website and how to schedule an appointment with a member of the Financial Aid Office.
  • Award Offer: You will find information on this page regarding your expected enrollment status, housing status, Student Aid Index (SAI), Cost of Attendance, Grants and Scholarships to Pay for College, Options to Pay Net Cost (including work study and loans) and Additional Payment Options.
    • Award Offer: Pleaser review the information on the Award Offer screen. After reviewing the offer and taking action on the work and loan offers, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
    • Additional Payment Options: This is where you will report any outside scholarships you will be receiving this year, by selecting “Add/View Resource” and entering the name of the scholarship, the term the scholarship will be applied to, the monetary amount of the outside scholarship.
  • Financial Aid History: The default is “All Years”, however, you can select a specific “Aid Year” by clicking on the drop down box and selecting the year you would like to view.  You will see an overview of Grants and Scholarships, Work and Loans that is broken down into the aid year, award period, accepted amount and paid amount for each award offer.
  • Resources: No ‘Responses to Questions’ or ‘Terms and Conditions’ are found.
  • Notifications: No Messages or Withdrawal Information is found.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: This will list your SAP status by each term.
  • College Financing Plan:  Enrolled students have access to the College Financing Plan through Zagweb.