What does it cost to attend Gonzaga?

Figuring out your expenses starts with determining the total cost of your attendance for one academic year. Besides calculating obvious costs such as tuition, fees, room and board, you should add estimated costs for books, personal expenses and travel.

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The Financial Aid Office reviews the average costs of each of these items every year and, using that figure, establishes a "budget" for students. The budget varies depending upon whether a student is living on campus, off campus, or at home with family. Additionally, Gonzaga offers financial aid that can assist in financing your education. 


2023-24 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance (Budget)

Item On Campus Cost  Off Campus Cost 
Tuition   $52,540  $52,540
Required Fees   $960 $960
Housing*   $7,600 $10,863
Food**   $7,480 $7,480
Books & Supplies   $1,382 $1,382
Loan Fees   $67 $67
Personal Expenses   $2,358 $2,358
Transportation   $1,862 $1,862
Total   $74,249 $77,512

* Weighted average of available options
** Most utilized meal plan

Cost of Attendance (Budget) vs. Direct Costs

Cost of Attendance

  • Cost of attendance is a federally defined term that includes costs above and beyond what you will be billed for.
  • Includes additional expected expenses that Gonzaga does not bill you for, such as transportation, books, and personal expenses.
  • Represents the maximum aid you can receive from all sources, including gift aid like scholarships and grants, as well as self-help aid like loans and work-study.

Direct Costs

  • Direct costs are what you are actually billed for and includes, tuition, fees, room & meal plans. Freshmen and Sophomores, who do not live at home with a parent or relative, are required to live on campus. Juniors and Seniors can live in off-campus in Gonzaga housing or make their own housing arrangements.

Below are estimates of average direct costs, both on and off campus, contrasted with the Cost of Attendance.

ON-CAMPUS estimate of average cost of attendance vs. direct costs

Item On-Campus Cost of Attendance Budget Estimated On-Campus Direct Costs
Tuition $52,540 $52,540
Required Fees $960 $960
Housing*   $7,600 $7,600
Food**  $7,480 $7,480
Books & Supplies $1,382 --
Loan Fees $67 $67
Personal Expenses $2,358 --
Transportation $1,862 --

OFF-CAMPUS estimate of average cost of attendance vs. direct costs

Item Off-Campus Cost of Attendance Budget  Estimated Off-Campus Direct Costs
Tuition $52,540 $52,540
Required Fees $960 $960
Housing/Rent* $10,863 --
Food** $7,480 --
Books & Supplies $1,382 --
Loan Fees $67 $67
Personal Expenses $2,358 --
Transportation $1,862 --

* Weighted average of available options
** Most utilized meal plan


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