2020-2021 Academic Awards

Portrait of Leilani Pendilla

2020-2021 Academic Awards

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences recognizes the exemplary work of students majoring and minoring in departments across the College. Not only do these students go beyond expectations to demonstrate their commitment to these disciplines, but many of them are also double and triple majors with multiple minors; they’re members of honor societies, they participate in student organizations that put into practice what they’ve learned through their coursework, and they give back to the greater Spokane community by volunteering with local nonprofits.

Here we have collated these exceptional students’ reflections on impactful moments of their academic careers and how their areas of study have contributed to their personal and professional development. Their responses clearly exhibited each of the values a Jesuit institution strives to develop.

Award Winners

Annabella Gelmetti

Ariah Mann

August Corppetts

Catalina Bala

Ciara Patterson

Cora Kim

Dominique Figueroa

Erin Sellers

Grace Bittel

Haley Wilson

Isabel Zimmerman

Jacob Hill

Jasmin Azizi

Jessie Wymer

Jun Yeub Yu

Kalleigh Wagner

Katie Nerissa Brandi

Kristina Michener

Kyle Jenkins

Leilani Pendilla

Mackenzie Atkins

Maia Tucker

Melina Monlux

Mikaela Schlesinger

Morgan Greene

Naomi Halbersleben

Nicole Bala

Olivia Isarankura

Patrick Driscoll

Robert Maiorino

Ruby Lynde-Ginal

Sophia Zink

Suzanna Bilderback

Taylor Sipila

Tiana Pereira

Wyatt Nobley

Xander Claypool