Open Houses

Join us for our department open houses! Over 30 departments and programs are eager to share information about student support, opportunities, and involvement at Gonzaga. You may come and go from one open house to the next, as you would in person. If there are already a lot of people in the meeting, please ask your questions in the Zoom chat.

Learn more about the departments, offices, and programs listed by viewing the drop-downs below. 

Jon Billings

Director of Graduate Enrollment Management

Luke Cairney

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

Accelerated Graduate Programs

Did you know it's possible to start a number of graduate programs at Gonzaga while you are still considered an undergraduate student? John Billings, Director of Graduate Enrollment Management, and Luke Cairney, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, are looking forward to sharing information about accelerated graduate programs available to you, including Accounting, Communications, and Law. Stop by to ask your questions about how best to maximize your time at Gonzaga!



Brian Henning

Chair, Environmental Studies, and Director of the Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment

Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment

Join Dr. Brian Henning, the Chair of the Environmental Studies Department and the Director of the Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment, to learn more about Gonzaga's initiatives to serve the campus community and broader regional communities by promoting innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, consulting and capacity building on the climate, water and the environment. Dr. Henning can answer questions about goals and programs for the new institute, as well as ways for you to get involved. 



Anthony Medina

Assistant Director of Community Engaged Learning

Trevor Iwata

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Center for Community Engagement

Molly Ayers, the Director for the Center for Community Engagement, is excited to speak with you about community engagement and service learning. CCE provides Gonzaga students with mentorship and service opportunities ranging from GAME, a weekly group-mentoring program mentoring middle school students through team sports and games, to Mission Possible, an alternative spring break trip with a service learning focus. Some of Molly’s student leaders and colleagues will also join the meeting to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

Contact: or


Sean Joy

Interim Director

Center for Cura Personalis

The Center for Cura Personalis (CCP) makes sure that students are being cared for, and are caring for themselves, holistically. Sean Joy, a member of the CCP team, is excited to talk about all the ways Gonzaga supports you physically, mentally, and emotionally while you are on campus. He is ready to answer whatever questions you may have, including how they can connect you to mental health counseling on- and off-campus, our anonymous referral program, and what services the health center offers.

Contact: CCP Staff


Ray Angle

Assistant Vice President for Career and Professional Development

Career and Professional Development

Ray Angle, Assistant Vice President for Career and Professional Development, loves helping students on their professional journey. In the Center for Career and Professional Development, Ray and his team are here to assist you in everything from resume and cover letter writing, to connecting you with alumni mentors through our ZagsConnect portal and other networking events. CPD also tracks next destination student data, gives career direction advice, offers mock interviews, and so much more.



Jill Culley

Associate Director of Academic Advising and Assistance

Center for Student Academic Success

The Center for Student Academic Success is here to make sure you have the tools to succeed while you are at Gonzaga. Jill Culley, Associate Director of Academic Advising and Assistance, is here today to give you an initial look at all of the resources CSAS has for you, ranging from Academic Advising and Assistance with academic progression plans, to connecting students to Disability Resources for an alternative learning plan, and everything in between, including free academic tutors.

Contact: or 509-313-4072


Joey Sammut

Associate Director of Student Involvement

Center for Student Involvement

The Student Involvement and Leadership office impacts almost every aspect of life outside of the classroom, and even engages in some parts of the academic experience. Joey Sammut, Associate Director for Student Involvement, is excited to talk to you about all the different ways you can get involved on campus. Whether it is learning new ways to lead through the Gonzaga Student Body Association, leading a club sport/program, or anything in between, Gonzaga has a spot for you.



Amy Barton

Administrative Assistant for the College of Arts & Sciences

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry

Gonzaga's College of Arts & Sciences launched the Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry (CURCI) in 2016 in order to promote and celebrate the transformative educational experiences that occur through student-faculty collaborations. CURCI helps students get connected with research opportunities in a variety of fields, as well as providing funding for projects to allow students time to explore. Come learn about how you can get involved in undergraduate research opportunities from Amy Barton, an Administrative Assistant for the College of Arts & Sciences. 



Join us for our virtual club fair from 12:50-2:15 p.m.! This sessions runs during the same time as our Open Houses, so be sure to hop over to the club fair and connect with clubs that interest you! 



Josh Armstrong

Director of the Comprehensive Leadership Program

Kristin Telin

Comprehensive Leadership Program Coordinator

Comprehensive Leadership Program

Josh Armstrong, Director of the Comprehensive Leadership Program, and Kristen Telin, CLP Coordinator, are looking forward to sharing the CLP story with you. CLP is a minor in Leadership Studies that challenges you to look at leadership differently. With a focus on experiential learning, the CLP teaches leadership through storytelling, service learning, and professional development.

 Contact: or


Suzanne Ostersmith

Associate Professor of Theatre & Dance; Dance Director

Halle Goodwin

Alumna, '15 and '17

Dance Department

Dance professor Pamela Erickson will share some information about Gonzaga's Dance Department, where you can develop your art as a dancer while learning the skills to turn your passion into a profession. Students explore a variety of dance styles and can pursue either a major or minor.



Joan Iva Fawcett

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, Community and Equity

Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity

Joan Iva Fawcett, Assistant Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity, and staff are available to discuss the vision and mission of DICE, as well as ways they support students on campus. Learn about the two offices housed within DICE: UMEC, the Unity Multicultural Education Center, and the Lincoln LQBTQ+ Center. UMEC’s mission involves advocating for underrepresented students and providing experiential learning opportunities for all students, to create an inclusive and intentional campus community. UMEC also runs BRIDGE, one of Gonzaga’s pre-orientation programs focusing on connecting historically underrepresented and/or first-generation college students to the Gonzaga community. The Lincoln LGBTQ+ Center strives to provide a safe and inclusive space for students of all identities, while educating and celebrating everyone on our campus.



Jim White

Dean of Student Financial Services

Financial Aid

Dean Jim White is available to answer questions about financial aid and student employment at Gonzaga. Jim can explain the differences between federal, state, and institutional work study, as well as describe types of jobs on campus and how to find them. Please visit our Student Employment web page if you’re interested in learning more about work study and other employment opportunities. During the week, financial aid counselors are available for one-on-one appointments over the phone or via Zoom! If you'd like to meet with a counselor to discuss your financial aid award, please schedule a one-on-one appointment. Financial Aid counselors are committed to providing excellent service for our students and families, whether that’s assisting with the FAFSA, creating payment plans, or walking through aid packages.

Contact: or 509-313-6582


Paul Bracke

Dean, Foley Library

Foley Library

Come learn about the wonderful academic support available to you through Foley Library! Dean Paul Bracke will be sharing information about research help, access to databases, amenities, study rooms, and more. The library is located right in the middle of campus and is an excellent resource to students throughout their time at Gonzaga.



Dave Gilbert

Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs

Gonzaga Outdoors

If you’re a new Zag looking for outside adventures, check out Gonzaga Outdoors! Dave Gilbert, Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs, along with some student trip leaders, are excited to tell you about the different opportunities GU Outdoors provides to explore the Inland Northwest, including weekend trips, educational clinics, gear rentals and resources, and GOOB – a Pre-Orientation Program that takes students on a multi-day adventure in Western Montana. If you’ve never tried an outdoor activity, GU Outdoors provides instruction and leadership in a variety of activities such as backpacking, snowshoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and much more. Gonzaga Outdoors strives to make the outdoors as accessible as possible to students, foster relationships and leadership opportunities, and promote stewardship and care for the environment.



Nicole Cooney

Assistant Director of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Cole Kelly

Program Coordinator for the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Hogan Entrepreneurial Program

Nicole Cooney, Assistant Director of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, and Cole Kelly, Program Coordinator for Hogan, are excited to share all things Hogan with you today. The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is a three-year undergraduate minor that immerses students in the fundamental concepts and practices of creating non-profit and for-profit businesses. Students complete the Entrepreneurial Leadership minor in conjunction with their chosen major in any academic field offered at GU. Nicole and Cole are here to answer any questions about the application process, curriculum, pairing Hogan with your major, or any other questions you may have. 

Contact: &


Linda Tredennick

Director of the Gonzaga Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors Program Director Linda Tredennick is available to discuss what makes Honors at Gonzaga distinctive and unique. With a focus on the holistic development of students, Honors has an updated curriculum (starting Fall 2020), beginning with a three-day immersion experience before the school year begins. The directors and a few of the current Honors students are excited to answer any questions you may have about the Honors program, including questions related to the Honors Living Learning Community, how Honors connects to your program of study, what the Honors capstone looks like, and anything else that piques your interest.



Ashley Davis

Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Katie Nollenberger

International Student Advisor

Stashia Kaiel

International Student Advisor

International Student & Scholar Services

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services supports our international population on campus. Our support begins right after you choose Gonzaga as we start your visa process, continues with International Student Orientation to help you acclimate to campus, and stays with you the entire time you are on campus. Ashley Davis, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, is here today with Katie Nollenberger and Stashia Kaiel, two of the international student advisors, to talk with you about what your experience on campus may look like and how we are here to help you acclimate to, and engage in, the Gonzaga community.



Luke Lavin

Director of Mission and Ministry

Mission & Ministry

The Gonzaga Mission & Ministry team is here to support students in their faith journey. Luke Lavin, Director of Mission & Ministry, will provide an overview of the services provided, including individual spiritual support, liturgical celebrations, faith-sharing small groups, faith and justice work, women's and men's ministry, and service and pastoral needs for the Gonzaga community. The Mission & Ministry Office also facilitates a variety of retreats during the school year, all of which are open to students from every faith background. Staff in the office can also assist students in finding a place of worship on campus or in Spokane that works for them. Mission & Ministry also run Embark, a faith-based pre-orientation program focused on helping students start the Gonzaga experience with an intentional community around them.



Stacy Taninchev

Faculty Advisor for Gonzaga's chapter of Model United Nations

Model United Nations

If you are interested in joining the Gonzaga University Chapter of Model United Nations (GUMUN), come chat with Faculty Advisor Stacy Taninchev! She will share information about how to apply to the program, learning opportunities provided to members, and more. 



Timothy Westerhaus

Associate Professor of Music; Director of Choirs and Vocal Studies

Music at Gonzaga

Come learn about Gonzaga's music department from Department Chair Tim Westerhaus! All students are welcome to get involved with music at Gonzaga, whether you are a major, minor, or just looking to participate. Students and faculty integrate musical excellence and innovation through a liberal arts education that includes performances, festivals, tours, interdisciplinary collaborations, and research. Tim will share information about the different ensembles offered on campus, private lessons, music scholarships, and more.



Justin Gambone

Program Coordinator for First Year Experience Programs

First Year Experience Programs

Gonzaga's First Year Experience Program team helps new students transition smoothly into life at Gonzaga. Justin Gambone, Program Coordinator in the First Year Experience Programs, is looking forward to sharing the different resources offered to students, which includes everything from finding a tutor to a service opportunity in the community. The FYEP also facilitates New Student Orientation, which provides new Zags with a holistic (and fun!) overview of Gonzaga. For interested students, FYEP also offers three optional Pre-Orientation Programs, which allow students to explore different aspects of the Gonzaga community and begin building relationships before Orientation even begins.



Ellie Dindinger 

Student Intern, Office of Health Promotion

Jenna Parisi

Director of the Office of Health Promotion

Office of Health Promotion

The Office of Health Promotion's goal is to foster a campus culture of health and well-being for students. Program Director Jenna Parisi is here to discuss how we support our Zags, through initiatives, creative programs, and services and spaces that promote positive, holistic well-being and reduce high-risk behaviors. Jenna will also share how we connect students with resources and campus partners to ensure they are taking care of themselves in the best ways possible.



Jim Simon

Director of Sustainability

Sustainability at Gonzaga

Come hear from Gonzaga's first Director of Sustainability, Jim Simon! The Gonzaga Mission Statement describes "care for the planet" as an important aspect of our goals as a university, and we are striving to meet that goal in a variety of ways. Jim is excited to discuss the many opportunities for you to get involved in sustainability initiatives on campus, through student advocacy and clubs, the Sustainability House, coursework, and partnerships across the community. 



Sydney Cheifetz

Alcohol and Other Drugs Health Educator

OUR House

OUR House is the space provided for Gonzaga's Collegiate Recovery Community. The program seeks to ensure students do not have to choose between their recovery and their education and provides a safe, recovery-positive environment where students can connect with other students who have similar lived experiences. Sydney Cheitetz, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Health Educator, will share information about OUR House programming, resources, and support for students in recovery. 



Jim Fawcett

Program Coordinator

Parent & Family Relations

Nicola Mannetter, Program Director, and the entire Parent and Family Relations team, are thrilled to welcome families to the Gonzaga community! We are excited to share and witness student growth with families over the next four years. Our goal is to help ease the transition for families and make Gonzaga a “home away from home” by offering a variety of resources and support to both the student on campus and the family back home. This open house will cover the variety of helpful tools and programs available and give an opportunity to ask questions about this important phase in the lives of students, parents, and families.

Contact: parents&


Pam Alvarado

Director, Payne Center for Leadership Development

Kirsten Bohlen

Program Coordinator, Payne Center for Leadership Development

Payne Center for Leadership Development (PCLD) & Experiential Leadership Institute (ELI)

Gonzaga's Payne Center for Leadership Development (PCLD) engages and supports students as they seek to develop their leadership potential and inspire change, both on campus and in the greater community. Over 800 students student leaders facilitate, manage, and impact positive change for over 150 student clubs and organizations, using the context of Jesuit teaching. The PCLD is also home to the Experiential Leadership Institute (ELI), a year-long leadership program for sophomores and juniors interested in experiences, reflection, and hands-on projects designed to further develop their leadership potential. Program Director Pam Alvarado and Program Coordinator Kristen Bohlen are excited to share the many opportunities afforded to Gonzaga students through these unique programs. 

Contact: or


Lisa Owens

Housing Assignments Coordinator

Jared Payton

Assistant Director, Housing & Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

Living on campus at Gonzaga is a part of what makes our campus culture so unique. With options from Living and Learning Communities, to corridor, apartment and suite-style living, students will find that whichever residence hall they end up in will have a distinct culture. Lisa Owens, Housing Assignments Coordinator, is here today to talk with you about the different housing options, how to apply for housing if you have not done so already, how roommate pairing works, and anything else having to do with Housing and Residence Life. You may want to ask Lisa what it’s like to be an RA or how to get involved in the Residence Hall Association (RHA).



Lieutenant Colonel Alan Westfield

Recruiting and Enrollment Officer

Gonzaga ROTC

Gonzaga University ROTC has a long history of excellence in and outside of the classroom. Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Alan Westfield, Ph.D., is excited to introduce you to our program. GU ROTC is a four-year program, with some exceptions, and is designed to meet the country’s requirements for officer-leaders in the Army (Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves). Dr. Westfield, and current ROTC cadets are here today to answer any questions you may have regarding the ROTC program.



Jose Hernandez

Director, Rudolf Fitness Center

Rudolf Fitness Center

Welcome to the Rudolf Fitness Center (RFC)! Director Jose Hernandez is excited to share our student fitness center with you, including information about amenities, intramurals, fitness classes, and student employment opportunities. All students can access the RFC using their student ID card, so no membership purchase is required. With a variety of cardio and weight options, three full-size basketball/volleyball courts, a pool, and an indoor track, we hope there is something for everyone!



Kate Hudson

Public Relations Manager

Visit Spokane

We love Spokane! Visit with Kate, a representative from our local Spokane Visitor Information Center, and learn more about why Spokane is such a great place to live and go to school.



Kelly Wentz

Financial Aid Counselor

Student Employment

Join Financial Aid Counselor Kelly Wentz to learn more about what student employment looks like at GU. She will be sharing information about federal vs. institutional work study, where students work, how to find a job on campus, and the overall benefits of working while being a student. Stop by to ask her any questions you have about on-campus employment. 



Alisha Lombardi

Director, Center for Global Engagement

Kotuska Kohut

Associate Director, Study Abroad Office

Study Abroad

The Center for Global Engagement serves both international students on our campus, as well as domestic students interested in studying abroad. Alisha Lombardi, Director of the Center for Global Engagement, and Kotuska Kohut, Associate Director of the Study Abroad Office, are excited to show you how CGE helps Zags develop intercultural skills and provides international experiences for today’s students, who will be tomorrow’s leaders. They are looking forward to talking with you about all of the different opportunities you have to study abroad all over the world. Over 50% of our students study abroad, and our staff are well-equipped to support students at every junction in their journey. Students looking to study abroad can learn about different programs all over the world, as well as information about applying to and affording your time abroad.

Contact: or


Shelby Krug

TVRAS Program Coordinator

Brenda Vogel

VETCorps Representative

Transfer, Veteran, and Returning Adult Services

Colleen Vandenboom, Assistant Dean of Student Involvement and Leadership, is here today to talk through how the Transfer, Veteran, and Returning Adult Services (TVRAS) office can enhance your educational experience. TVRAS focuses on empowering all students in order to make the Gonzaga campus a more vibrant community. Join in conversation with staff and current students to ask questions about programming and life on campus as a TVRAS student.

Contact: or


Pat Clelland

Resident District Manager

Lisa Ridgeway

Marketing Director

Zag Dining by Sodexo

Many incoming students have questions about dining on campus, and Pat Clelland, Resident District Manager, and Lisa Ridgeway, Marketing Director, are here to help! Stop by with any questions about food on campus, including dining locations, meal plans, dietary restrictions, and more.

Contact: or