Four students gathered around a table studying together.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Gonzaga is an energetic community of student and faculty scholars dedicated to the importance of intellectual inquiry and creative expression.

For over fifty years, Gonzaga University has offered highly motivated students a stimulating broad-based curriculum that engages the whole person. This enhanced liberal arts curriculum allows students to take ownership of learning, research agenda, and personal and professional goals.

With the help of our dedicated faculty, students work together to connect ideas across courses, disciplines, and contexts. The intended outcome of this community is for students to cultivate intellectual virtues and skills for a lifetime according to their own terms. Honors offers a vibrant and sustaining intellectual life in and outside of the classroom, for both our students and the Gonzaga community as a whole.

The Honors Program promotes:

  • An active commitment to social justice
  • Global awareness and engagement
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to critical questions, collaboration, and academic excellence



Each year we recognize some of our most outstanding students from all academic programs at the Academic Honors Convocation in April.

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