Honors Academics

Students in the Honors Program experience a more rigorous and broad-based liberal arts education at Gonzaga University. Honors students must complete the Honors core, an expansion of the general University core, in addition to completing the requirements for their specific majors. The Honors core consists of two components: the Honors seminar classes and the Honors colloquia.


The Honors seminars are classes that fulfill the University core requirements but are tailored specifically for Honors students. Classes generally place emphasis on discussion and reflections on readings. Faculty for Honors seminars are recruited from the best teachers the University has to offer. Every effort is made to ensure that a wide diversity of faculty enjoy the opportunity of teaching Honors students in the areas about which they are most passionate.


The annual Honors colloquia examine the social, religious, and cultural dimensions of modern life. Colloquia emphasize student experience, service learning and independent exploration. Each colloquium is a three-credit course.

Honors Core Requirements: