Honors Benefits

Honors provides increased academic flexibility, an annual honors scholarship, and post-graduate planning support



In addition to the rich and challenging discussions found in the Honors Program classes, several benefits are awarded to Honors students:

  • $1,800.00 per year scholarship.
  • Waiver of cost for excess credits (19-24 credits). This benefit often allows students to double major, complete additional concentrations, and/or take a wide range of classes from various subject areas.
  • Honors students may apply your Gonzaga financial aid while studying abroad (even if the program is non-Gonzaga sponsored). Additionally, you may apply to programs specifically for Honors students at Oxford, England and Glasgow, Scotland.
  • The Honors Program Directors serves as an additional advisor to each Honors student.
  • First Year Honors students can live in the Honors Living Learning Community in Dillon Hall.
  • All Honors students have access to the Honors Lounge and Kitchen, Honors Commons, free printing, plus study spaces, located in Dillon Hall.

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