Gonzaga University takes a holistic approach to admission by carefully reviewing academic measures, student involvement, and character.

We're looking for motivated students who will benefit from the University's challenging academic programs and will positively contribute to our campus with extracurricular achievement, community involvement, and diverse personal interests.

How to Apply:

  • Submit the Common Application for Undergraduate College Admission online. To directly add Gonzaga to your “My Colleges” list on the Common Application click here
  • Submit one Teacher Evaluation and one School Report through the Common Application. Forms/letters can be mailed to the Admission Office, if not submitted online. 
  • Homeschooled students: The School Report can be submitted by your homeschool instructor, but the teacher evaluation needs to come from someone other than your homeschool instructor (Community College teacher, pastor, employer, etc).
  • Send a copy of your official transcripts to the Office of Admission. If you have completed any college courses (this includes all WA state participants of the Running Start Program), official college transcripts need to be sent as well.
  • Submit a $50 non-refundable application fee. Applicants can pay the fee through the Common Application.
  • Applicants suffering financial hardship may have this fee waived by selecting the “Common App Fee Waiver” when filing out the Common Application.  Please note that applicants must demonstrate need by selecting one of seven possible financial hardship categories, and that your counselor will be asked to verify your response.
    Applicants may also be eligible for one of the following application fee waivers: GU Alumni fee waiver or ROTC Scholarship applicants. Choose the appropriate waiver on the payment site of the Common App.
  • TEST OPTIONAL*: You may submit score reports from either the Scholastic Assessment Test I (SAT I), or the American College Test (ACT). Gonzaga's institution code for the SAT I is 4330, and the ACT code is 4458. Gonzaga does not accept SAT II Subject tests.
    *There are two important notes to this policy: homeschooled students with less than 30 semester or 45 quarter college credits must submit an SAT or ACT and international students are required to submit a test score to demonstrate English proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, iTEP, SAT, or ACT.

Before sending us your application, check to be sure you've completed all the necessary pieces. A finished application includes:

  • The Common Application for Undergraduate Admission including the personal essay (choose one), short answer supplemental question, and activities list
  • Official high school (and college, if applicable) transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher/professor in an academic area
  • Common Application School Report
  • Optional: SAT I or ACT test scores

Gonzaga University admission is “test optional”, meaning it is not required to submit an SAT or ACT score. There are two important notes on this policy:

  • Homeschooled students with less than 30 semester or 45 quarter college credits must submit an SAT or ACT.
  • International students are required to submit a test score to demonstrate English proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, iTEP, SAT, or ACT.
We will continue to review applications holistically, as described in our Admission Requirements. Students applying without a test have access to everything available to test-takers: admission, automatic merit scholarships, direct admission to nursing and engineering, the Honors Program, and other Gonzaga scholarships.

Please see the COVID 19 Admission FAQ and our Test-Optional FAQ for additional information.

Nursing Direct Entry Program:

Gonzaga's Nursing Program accepts first-year applications only.  Applicants must choose "nursing" on their application to be considered. Admission to nursing is competitive and the Admission Committee will review curriculum carefully, preferring four years of math and science including senior year of high school. An understanding of the nursing profession is helpful. 

Students are not permitted to change their major to nursing after enrolling at the University. The Nursing Program is a four-year program. If a student has received college credit or earned an AA degree through the Running Start program, credits will likely transfer, but the program remains an 8 – 9 semester degree. Enrolling with college credits may provide students with the opportunity to add a minor or study abroad, but will not allow for early entry into nursing courses. 

*Nursing is considered a “direct entry” program, meaning that a student must declare nursing as their major on the application to be considered for admission to the Nursing Program. 

Application Deadlines:

December 1 - Application deadline for Fall
February 1 - Late Consideration Deadline for Fall

November 15

See our Dates and Deadlines page for additional information.


If sending any documents via mail, send your application materials to:

Office of Admission
Gonzaga University
502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0102
First-Year Application Tips

Our Evaluation Process

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