International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a standardized and highly rigorous secondary school curriculum used worldwide. Gonzaga University will grant college credit for scores of 5 (6 for English and History) or better earned on certain Higher Level IB exams.

You need not complete the full IB program nor receive the IB diploma to receive college credit. No credit will be awarded for the results of any Standard Level examination, for scores below 5 on Higher Level subject exams, for any Higher Level subjects not listed on the chart below, or for solely earning an IB Diploma.

A maximum of 30 semester credits can be earned at Gonzaga through the International Baccalaureate program. Questions regarding credits should be directed to the Office of Admission.

Higher Level IB Exam

Credits Earned

Course Equivalent

English A-1, Higher Level 3 English 102 (requires a score of 6 or better)
French B, Higher Level 8 French 101 and 102
German B, Higher Level 8 German 101 and 102
Spanish B, Higher Level 8 Spanish 101 and 102
History, Higher Level * *Students with a score of 6 or better must consult the History Department Chair for specific course credit.
Geography, Higher Level 3 Social & Behavioral Science elective
Economics, Higher Level 6 Economics 201 and 202
Social Anthropology, Higher Level 3 Social & Behavioral Science elective
Biology, Higher Level 4 3 credits for Biology 199/1 credit for 199L
Chemistry, Higher Level 4 3 credits for Chemistry 101/1 credit for 101L
Physics, Higher Level 4 3 credits for Physics 101/1 credit for 101L
Mathematics, Higher Level 3 Math 147