Transfer Agreements & Transfer Credit Policies

Gonzaga University participates in transfer articulation agreements with the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges and with North Idaho College. Articulation agreements often reduce the risk of repeated coursework and minimize the loss of credit in transfer. Students enrolling at the University with an earned Associate degree as defined below, will be offered a maximum of 64 semester credits (96 quarter credits) and junior class standing, and will have satisfied most University Core Requirements.

Science and Engineering students enrolling at Gonzaga with a transferrable AA or AS degree should anticipate major requirements that exceed two years of study at the University. For further information, please contact Erin Hays, Director of Admission, at

Washington State Community and Technical Colleges 

Accepted degrees: Associate of Arts – Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA)
Associate of Science – Transfer (AS-T)
-AS-T Track 2
Associate of Business – Direct Transfer Agreement (AB-DTA) 
Associate of Computer Science – Direct Transfer Agreement 

Student Resources: Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) Transfer Policies
          Intercollegiate Relations Commission (ICRC) Handbook

North Idaho College 

Accepted degrees: Associate of Arts (AA)
Associate of Science (AS)

Student Resources: NIC Transfer Advising Center


Approved Associate degree holders will satisfy the following University Core Requirements upon enrollment at Gonzaga:

  • Writing (3 semester credits)
  • Literature (3 semester credits)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (3 semester credits)
  • History (3 semester credits)
  • Fine Arts & Design (3 semester credits) 
  • Communication & Speech (3 semester credits) – recommended, but not required
  • Scientific Inquiry (3 semester credits)
  • World/Comparative Religion (3 semester credits)
  • Foreign Language (6 semester credits, Arts & Science majors only)
  • Social Justice Designation (3 semester credits)
  • Global Studies Designation (6 semester credits)
  • Writing Enrichment Designation (9 semester credits)

As a private Jesuit institution, Gonzaga University’s core curriculum incorporates coursework that reflects our mission to educate persons for a more just and humane global community. Students transferring with an Associate degree, as defined in the articulation agreements above, will also be responsible for completing the following core requirements, in addition to their major coursework:

  • College Level Mathematics (3 semester credits)*
  • Philosophy – Reasoning (3 semester credits)*
  • Philosophy – Human Nature (3 semester credits)*
  • Philosophy – Ethics (3 semester credits)*
  • Religious Studies – Christian and Catholic Traditions (3 semester credits)
  • First-Year Seminar (3 semester credits, an interdisciplinary approach to your Gonzaga education)
  • Core Integration Seminar (3 semester credits, unites Jesuit principles and academic discipline)
      * Course may be completed as part of the AA degree, and may fulfill Gonzaga requirements.
Running Start and transfer students who do not intend to complete an Associate degree prior to enrollment at Gonzaga are encouraged to follow the Washington 45 recommendations. The coursework endorsed by the Washington 45 provides students with a preferred list of courses that may satisfy Gonzaga University Core Requirements. Students are advised to contact their Admission Counselor with questions related to college credit transfer.

Transferring Credit from other universities and out-of-state junior colleges

Transfer credit originating at other regionally accredited four-year universities and out-of-state, regionally accredited two-year colleges will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Access Gonzaga’s online Transfer Credit Database to review courses previously accepted by institution. Gonzaga University also offers several University Core waivers associated with the amount of semester credits being transferred:
  • Students transferring to Gonzaga with 30 or more earned semester credits are permitted to waive the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement. Please note that only majors within the College of Arts and Sciences require a language proficiency. Business, Education, Engineering and Human Physiology majors do not require completion of a foreign language.
  • Students transferring to Gonzaga with 45 to 59 earned semester credits are permitted to waive the following University core requirements: World or Comparative Religion and its corresponding Global Studies designation, one Writing-Enriched designation, and one of the additional three designation requirements (either Writing Enriched, Global Studies or Social Justice).
  • Students transferring to Gonzaga with 60 or more earned semester credits are permitted to waive World/Comparative Religion and all core designation requirements.

Credit for Prior-Learning

Gonzaga University may offer up to 25 elective credits for successfully completed educational experience in the Armed Forces. Up to 8 elective credits may be granted for physical fitness courses and training. An official military transcript, such as the Joint-Services Transcript, must be submitted for credit evaluation.

Gonzaga consults credit recommendations from the American Council on Education’s (ACE) guidelines for baccalaureate institutions.

Graded coursework from accredited institutions such as the Community College of the Air Force or the Defense Language Institute, is evaluated in the same manner as credit from regionally accredited institutions. Vocational level coursework is not transferable.