Equity and Inclusive Housing Resources

The Housing and Residence Life Social Justice Vision Statement

In alignment with Gonzaga's inspired commitment to social justice and solidarity, inclusion, and celebrating human dignity, Housing & Residence Life is called to create and maintain a safe and inclusive living-learning environment where all can fully participate in community and feel validated.  As part of this calling, we commit to responding to the needs of our diverse community.

Housing assignments for students are guided by the following values:

  • Affirmation of the student's identity and/or expression.
  • Prioritized attention to the student's physical safety and emotional health.
  • Enhancing the student's opportunity for success at Gonzaga University by finding the best match between the student's needs and the options available.

Social Justice Peer Educators

Housing & Residence Life, in collaboration with the office of Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity (DICE), support undergraduate student staff responsible for developing workshops and other resources within the residence halls that promote social justice and equity.

Intercultural Competence Development for Staff

The office of Housing & Residence Life recognizes that development of intercultural competence is a continuous journey; therefore, we provide ongoing training opportunities for professional and student staff.  In addition to completing Diversity.EDU, the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) as part of the division-wide commitment to DEI, our professional staff members engage in an intensive workshop of a social justice topic within the department every year.  This "Series On" involves outside reading as well as in-person discussions.  Past topics have included race, ability, and gender.  Furthermore, our department's Social Justice Committee (which includes professional and student staff members) puts on events and trainings for our staff to build skills around intercultural competence.  Students have attended programs such as active allyship and bias response.  Additional trainings on individual and community responses to bias occur during Winter Student Staff Training.  We also offer staff members the opportunity to earn their Sexuality and Gender Equity (SAGE) certification.

Responding to incidents of Bias, Discrimination, and Harassment

The office of Housing & Residence Life seeks to support the efforts of Gonzaga University to respond to incidents of bias, discrimination, and harassment and care for students impacted by these incidents.  Anyone may report a bias incident at www.gonzaga.edu/reportbias and and incident of sexual misconduct/harassment at https://www.gonzaga.edu/about/offices-services/human-resources/equity-inclusion/title-ix.

For more information regarding our Gender Inclusive Housing options, click here.