Mission Alignment and Values

Catholic faith proclaims that every person is precious, that people are more important than worldly things, and our institutions are measured, in part, by the degree to which they enhance the life and dignity of each person. 

In the Statement of Affirmation: Concerning Gonzaga University as a Jesuit University, Gonzaga has articulated ten principles and ideals of Catholic Social Teaching that inform and guide behaviors and activities within our community. Five principles, in particular, shape our belief about and our decision to provide Gender-Inclusive Housing on campus.

  1. Belief in the inherent dignity of the human person; all people are made in the image of God.  

  2. Every person has a fundamental right to life and to those things that allow for a decent life. With these rights comes duties and responsibilities – to ourselves, our families, our society.  

  3. The common good and a just society cannot be attained without working to positively impact the state of the poor, the vulnerable, and those marginalized by society at large.  

  4. All people are to be assured a right to participate in the economic, political, and cultural life of their society.  

  5. Peace is the fruit of justice: the active pursuit of peace, through commitment to conflict resolution and understanding, is a Catholic value.  

Gonzaga University has offered Gender Inclusive Housing since 2017, and is among at least six Jesuit Universities and more than 400 U.S. universities and colleges to do so. 

Today more than 20 states and the District Columbia now allow citizens to express a nonbinary identity on their driver’s license, including states from which Gonzaga enrolls large numbers of students.  

Transgender, nonbinary, two-spirit, genderqueer, and gender diverse students and their allies at Gonzaga University have identified the importance of Gender-Inclusive Housing in helping trans-identified students experience dignity, respect, and inclusion within our campus community.  They’ve requested that students have more options, a clearer process and policy, and more support in navigating their housing and roommate selections. These students have been supported by the Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) as well as the Offices of Student Affairs; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Mission Integration. 

True to our Jesuit mission, Gonzaga values and supports all students, and we promote their full inclusion in our community. Accordingly, we are committed to providing Gender-Inclusive Housing as an option for our students.