Frequently Asked Questions

Gender-Inclusive Housing Questions

Gender-Inclusive Housing provides safe, affirming, and inclusive community living options for students who are transgender, nonbinary, two-spirit, genderqueer, gender diverse, or in the process of discovering their gender identity.

Gonzaga University has offered Gender Inclusive Housing since 2017 and is among six Jesuit Universities and more than 400 U.S. universities and colleges to do so.


Gender-Inclusive Housing provides a safe, affirming, and inclusive community living option for students of the following identities and lived experiences: 

  • Transgender students
  • Two-spirit students 
  • Nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender diverse students 
  • Students who do not wish to be identified by any sex or gender identity
  • Students who are in the process of discovering their gender identity
  • Students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer 
This option can benefit any individual since a student can choose or be assigned a roommate with whom they would feel most comfortable.  Additional resources for LGBQ+ students can also be found at
Students who express interest in Gender-Inclusive Housing have an opportunity to share on their housing application if they identify as transgender, nonbinary, ally or LGBQ+. 
Students who identify themselves as transgender or LGBQ+ and who do not have a roommate by a specific date (which varies based on room selection per population) are hand paired with an ally but are not hand assigned a room. They are then given the opportunity to select a space with the roommate during room selection. We highly encourage students to pick a space based on group size to guarantee that suite/apartment mate(s) are affirming of identities. 
For new students who select transgender and/or nonbinary, we reach out to them directly to see if they have any specific requests or housing needs. Depending on their response, we may hand assign to a specific space to guarantee we accommodate them appropriately or we assist with ally roommate matching and let them participate in room selection.  
For returning students (lower and upper division) who select transgender and/or nonbinary, we invite them to select before general selection so that they can pick a space that matches the group size. Historically, these students have a group they would like to live with. Depending on the situation, we hand assign these students or temporarily adjust our database to have rooms/apartments that reflect “neutral” so that students can see rooms and select. 
No. Gender-Inclusive Housing at Gonzaga is not building or community specific. It is offered in all styles of buildings based on student interest in living-learning communities and student classification (new, returner, upper division).  
No. Students who have expressed interest in Gender-Inclusive Housing will be able to participate in room selection and see any available vacancies in our housing portfolio. Spaces shown will reflect if the student was accepted into a living-learning community or has an approved accommodation from the Disability Access Office.  
Yes, for first- and second-year students. Gender-Inclusive Housing is offered in all styles of buildings. 
If members of the transgender, nonbinary, or LGBQ+ communities have not paired with another individual by a specific date (varies based on classification), the Housing and Residence Life office will pair individuals with students who indicated they are allies and who have identified themselves as interested in Gender-Inclusive Housing. 

Students who express interest in Gender-Inclusive Housing, but do not have a preferred roommate, will have the opportunity to participate in roommate matching where they can search for allies and other profile specifics.
It is the student’s choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in a gender-inclusive housing option.  We encourage students to talk with parents or family members about their housing choices.  Housing and Residence Life will never share information about housing status or roommate assignments with anyone other than the student, without the student’s consent. 

Gonzaga’s Gender-Inclusive Housing rooms are mixed in all communities, so parents and other students will not be aware of its Gender-Inclusive Housing designation if the student does not share specific information. 
No, roommates will never be randomly assigned to students of another gender identity who did not indicate interest in gender-inclusive housing. However, note that assignments are made based on indicated gender identity and not sex assigned at birth. 
Students are welcome to submit a Room Change Request during the Academic Year or participate in Room Swap & Shop before move-in, if they are no longer interested in the space they are assigned. 
Those who indicate a need for gender-inclusive housing have an opportunity to indicate a desired room assignment.  

People are assigned space that corresponds with their sex assigned at birth, unless they opt into gender-inclusive housing or indicate gender identity on their housing application.  
Gonzaga provides gender-inclusive restrooms on campus; see or download a copy of the map.  At Gonzaga, a gender-inclusive restroom is a single stall, lockable restroom, which indicates that anyone may use that restroom, regardless of gender.  Some of the restrooms on this list are located within residence halls and are not accessible to the general public.