You can apply for an LLC after submitting a Housing application on ZagLiving.  The LLC application includes up to three short-answer questions and can also be found on ZagLiving.
LLC residents are chosen entirely based on their LLC application.  The LLC Selection Committee cannot see any materials you submitted to the Office of Admission for admission to Gonzaga University.  We strongly encourage applicants to be thoughtful and intentional when filling out their LLC application, and show commitment to their preferred LLC's theme and holistic development.
Students who applied for acceptance to a first-year LLC will be notified by April 5 (if applied by priority deadline of April 1) and May 5 (if applied by regular deadline of May 1).  LLC applicants will be notified if they have been accepted, waitlisted, or turned down.
Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are themed housing options for students with shared interests or similar academic goals.  Gonzaga has nine first-year LLCs and one LLC for transfer students.  You can find a full list of the LLCs here.

LLC residents are able to select their roommate. Please note that you will only be able to select a roommate from those who have also been accepted to an LLC in the same building. The buildings are as follows:

  • Coughlin Hall: Cura Personalis, Global Citizenship, Learns to Lead, Pamplona LLC, People For and With Others, Engineering and Computer Science, and Pre-Health
  • Dillon Hall: Honors
  • Marian Hall: Outdoor Pursuits
  • Kennedy Apartments: Transfer Year Experience, Dance, Ignatian Leadership, Nursing, and Sustainable Business
No.  By submitting an LLC application, you committed to being a resident in the LLCs you indicated if accepted.  This commitment supersedes all other building and roommate preferences.
No.  There is no cost to apply or be a resident in an LLC.
Yes.  You can choose to apply to another LLC but we strongly encourage you to spend time discerning between your housing options.  Please note that by applying to another LLC, you are opting out of the Honors LLC if you are accepted since the LLC application supersedes all other preferences.  Honors LLC, as are all LLCs, are highly intentional communities designed specifically for student needs.  We are very proud of our Honors LLC in Dillon Hall and Honors students greatly enjoy their experience living and learning alongside their peers.