Learns to Lead


The goal of the Learns to Lead LLC is to empower residents to develop their leadership skills and abilities in order to become well-equipped leaders both on-campus and outside of the Gonzaga community.

Fast Facts:

The Learns to Lead LLC is in partnership with the Payne Center for Leadership Development (PCLD). In this LLC, students engage in programs that connect to leadership. If you are looking for a place that supports your willingness to grow and transform as a leader, then this LLC is for you! 

All LLC students in Coughlin take a First-Year Seminar (FYS) together related to their LLC theme! FYSs invite students to explore how we pursue knowledge and cultivate understanding. Seminar classes change year to year and accepted LLC students will be asked to indicate their preference.

"Being a resident and RA on the Learns to Lead Floor has shaped my experience here at Gonzaga in such valuable ways. Understanding and exploring leadership with my hallmates last year and residents this year has fundamentally challenged me to grow as an individual." - Ryson C., 2021-22 RA

Values and Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss how to be a leader in the Gonzaga community and how to shape a caring, respectful, open, and honest community for those around you.
  2. Recognize how to be a leader in your classes and how to develop healthy personal habits that will help you lead a successful academic life.
  3. Weigh how power and privilege impact your ability to be a leader through various cultural lenses.
  4. Compare and examine ways to further develop new leadership styles, skills, and abilities.
  5. Operate as a leader in accordance with the Jesuit values of leadership: self-awareness, ingenuity, love, and heroism.