Rising Second Year Room Selection

All rising second year students, whether they lived at home or on campus this year (for one or both semesters) will be included in Rising Second Year Signups.

2024-2025 Room Selection will take place Spring 2024.


  • Housing applications will be available on ZagLiving January 17th
  • Roommate Matching opens February 1st
  • Application Due- February 5th
  • Housing Selection will take place February 13th & 14th




Roommate Groups

Roommate groups are formed in the housing application and must be established before room selection to function correctly. Students can create, join or leave roommate groups, as they wish. Roommate groups allow students to pair with a preferred roommate or roommates. The student in the roommate group that receives the earliest time slot will be able to assign all students in the group to the same room/apartment/suite, assuming there are enough open beds open to accommodate the group. We remind students that they should have a plan in place to break up their roommate group, in the event that they do not see a space available for all of the students in the group at the earliest selection time. The student with the earliest time slot cannot assign students in the group to multiple rooms/apartments/suites. You can find more details about roommate groups here.


Building Options

Rising second year students will be able to select from a range of apartment, and suite style buildings. You can read more about the styles of housing at Gonzaga here. Information regarding specific buildings being available will not be provided until closer to selection night. For the most up to date information regarding building availability, we advise following us on Instagram @GonzagaHousing


We encourage and remind Zags to be flexible with this process. Not everyone who wants an apartment will be able to select one, just as not all groups of 4 or 6 students will be able to select a space to accommodate their whole group.




Room Swap and Shop will open in late summer in ZagLiving. Students can message with and swap rooms with other students or swap into vacancies that exist on campus. The Housing Office will not process room change/swap requests prior to this. 
Yes! During Room Swap and Shop, students within a suite or apartment can swap spaces with one another. They key you are given at fall move-in must match the room where you are assigned. You can see your room details on your homepage in ZagLiving.
Vacancies that exist could be filled by transfer students or will be offered during room swap and shop. If a student is assigned to your room, their details will show for you on your homepage in ZagLiving.
Email us at housing @gonzaga.edu and let us know which semester you need housing for! We can adjust your application and room to fit your need. Students on campus for the fall semester only can retain the room they chose during selection. Those on campus for the spring semester only will be assigned to a room late in the fall semester. We cannot guarantee it will be the same room chosen during selection.