First Year Room Selection

Housing Application Due May 1, 2022

Here are some important dates and notes on what new students can expect from the room selection process for the 2022–2023 Academic Year:

  • Housing applications are available on ZagLiving for accepted students
  • May 1 – Applications due. Students who submit their application by this deadline will be assigned a timeslot for room selection. Students who turn their applications in after the deadline will not receive timeslots, but assigned a space after room selection based on vacancies at that time.
  • May 6 - Roommate Matching opens
  • May 23 - Timeslots for room selection will be emailed to all students who have completed their housing applications by May 1*
  • Room Selection takes place online in ZagLiving
  • May 31 - Last day of Room Selection

*If in a roommate group, the student with earliest timeslot in your roommate group will log into ZagLiving, and select a space, based upon availability at that time. They will assign themselves and roommate to specific room and bed.