Kennedy Apartments

Summer Housing

To reside in summer housing, students must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Resided in on-campus housing or a GU rental during the spring semester and transitioning directly into summer housing.  If no other conditions are met, the duration of the stay is limited to 4 consecutive weeks.
  • Registered for at least one summer session.
  • Registered for fall semester.

What types of housing are available and what is the cost?

Gonzaga University offers apartment-style housing to students.  The apartments are furnished, air conditioned and include all utilities.  Students who will not be accompanied by family members share a 3-bedroom apartment with other students of the same gender.  The cost is $225 per student per week [1].  Students who wish to reside with immediate family members while at GU may request a family apartment [2].  Those assigned to a family unit will not be required to share an apartment with other students.  The cost of a family apartment is $325 per family per week [1].

[1]  Housing charges assessed on a weekly basis (Sunday to Saturday).  Partial weeks are assessed at a full week rate.

[2]  The family rate applies only to students accompanied by their legal partner and/or children under the age of 18.  

What is living in summer housing like?

Apartment-style housing has a diverse resident population with differing lifestyles and housing expectations.  For instance, many of the residents are traditional-aged students who have lifestyles that include late night studying and activity, music volume that extends beyond the boundary of the apartment or bedroom, and demonstrate a youthful and independent attitude.  With such a diverse population, conflicts within and between apartments are bound to arise.  While Gonzaga University will be active in moderating disruptive behavior, we do not provide on-call resident staff to resolve conflict within or between apartments.  In apartment-style housing, we expect residents to be mature enough to reasonably resolve conflict with others prior to residence staff involvement.  Living in apartment-style housing is not like living in a hotel.  If you desire hotel type accommodations, you may wish to consider local hotels.

When is resident staff available?

Each apartment complex has live-in staff.  Resident staff will be available at times posted on the staff member's door.  In case of life threatening emergency residents should call 911.  For other emergencies, resident may contact Security at (509) 313-2222.

Is parking available?

Each complex has a parking lot.  A parking permit is not required to park in these residential lots.  There is also on-street parking adjacent to the apartment complex. 

Will I have to share an apartment?

Unless your family will be staying with you, you will likely be assigned apartment-mates.  You may, however, request apartment-mates.  Except for legally recognized families, no mixed gender apartments are allowed. 

How do I apply?

To apply, complete the online application in ZagLiving (accessible through Zagweb). The application will open late spring semester.  Make sure to complete all the questions and sign the agreement.