Dussault Suites

Exterior photo of Dussault Suites

The Dussault (Suites) Complex is located at 118 East Desmet Avenue.

The community of Dussault is great for residents who want to cook on their own and relax in their own living area.  Dussault has great amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, patio or balcony and large living areas in every suite.

  • Co-Ed building
  • 2nd year students
  • Suite-style (no stove/oven)
  • 3 floors
  • 3 separate buildings (A, B, C)
  • 5 RAs, live-in Chaplain, professional Residence Director office
  • TV, pool table, ping pong table, foosball table
  • common area kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 9 washers, 12 dryers, living area
  • 8 ft ceilings
  • Linoleum in kitchen and bathroom, carpet in living room and bedrooms
  • 3 buildings A, B, and C
  • Building B contains main floor common space with full kitchen (stove/oven, microwave, cabinets, provided cookware, sink, and refrigerator/freezer), piano, TV, foosball, and pool/ping-pong table, regular table, and chairs.
  • Building B also houses the only laundry room for Dussault residents with 9 washers and 12 dryers, and a main wash sink. There are two common bathrooms in this main area.
  • All buildings are made up of 3 floors of suite-style apartments.
  • Building B has no inner hallways
  • A and C have inner hallways.
  • All three buildings have apartments with external-only doors.


Note: These rooms have moveable furniture. The dimensions are approximate. Exact dimensions may vary slightly.

Additional Photos

Dussault House bedroom

Dussault House bedroom with lofted bed

Dussault House kitchen