Welcome from the Director

Welcome from the Inland Pacific Northwest!  We're excited that you've taken the time to look deeper into what it would mean to work at Gonzaga University and to live in Spokane, Washington.

What I hope you'll see from your research is that Gonzaga University is a special place.  I have never worked for an institution so committed to its values.  Everyone at Gonzaga University from the President to the students and everyone in between strives to live the values of intentionally developing the whole person, living lives of service for others, seeking the opportunity to do more and be more for the students of GU, utilizing reflection to develop in one's personal and professional life, and make real our commitment to creating a socially just and inclusive home for all.

The genuine warmth and welcome of the community are transformative and empowering.  People understand how to live in community on this campus.  There is an undefinable energy and connection that is immediately felt.  Our highest calling is to ensure that all are welcome and all are valued.

In thinking about the kind of people we would like on our team, several characteristics come to mind.  We seek people who are dedicated to the calling of helping students learn, grow, and succeed; we look for hard workers who have a can-do spirit and who are willing to put the team and our goals first.  We value warm, engaging souls, and we hope to find people who can have fun and bring a lighthearted spirit to their work. 

What you might expect from working here is an environment dedicated to your professional formation, an open, engaging atmosphere, a department focused on helping students succeed, and a unifying drive to be our best for students. 

We hope that you continue to consider joining your personal and professional journey with ours.  Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have any questions. 

Good luck in your search, and GO ZAGS!

Jon Wheeler
Director of Residence Life