Housing & Meal Plans

A student moving into housing.

On Campus Housing

Rates for 2020- 2021 (per semester) **  

Chardin, Cushing, DeSmet, Dooley - Small Room $2,935
Chardin, Cushing, DeSmet, Dooley - Large Room  $3,035
CM, Coughlin, Dillon, Goller, Madonna, Twohy, Welch - Double  $3,275
CM, Coughlin, Dillon, Goller, Madonna, Twohy, Welch - Single  $3,760
All Other Residence Halls - Double  $3,035
All Other Residence Halls - Single  $3,360
Residence Halls - Premium Single  $3,525
Residence Halls - Triple Occupancy
Burch/ Corkery/ Kennedy Apartments - Double  $3,800
Burch/ Corkery/ Kennedy Apartments - Single $3,580
Kennedy Apartments - Premium Single $4,315
Dussault - Double   $3,400
Dussault - Single  $3,580
Sharp Apartments $3,275

** There are a very limited number of triple rooms, single rooms, and premium single rooms (double rooms which are set aside for single occupancy) available to students, with the majority of rooms designated as double room (share with a roommate).  

Please visit the Meal Plan site to view available Resident Meal Plan options: Meal Plans