Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and Fees for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Fall Semester Payment Arrangement Deadline - August 6, 2024
Spring Semester Payment Arrangement Deadline - January 2, 2025
Semester Cost                   
Full-Time (12-18 credit hours)
Part-Time (1-11 hours), per credit
Excess Credits, 19+ credits (per credit hour)


Special Programs:
Dual High School Enrollment, Part-Time (6 credit limit per semester, cost per course) 
College in the High School, per credit


Of Record, Recorded on Transcript (per credit) for Undergraduates
No Credit/ No Record (per credit)
Study Abroad Programs:
Please visit Study Abroad's website for specific program information


Program Fees                                                                                
Semester Cost          
Dual Enrollment Admin Fee
School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) Program Fee
BA Computer Science & Computational Thinking Program Fee
Nursing Majors Program Fee


Mandatory Fees                                                
Semester Cost    
Technology Fee:


Full-Time Students (Registered in 12-18 credit hours)


Part-Time Students (Registered in 1-11 credit hours)


Fitness Center Fee (Required for Full-Time Undergraduates)


Sustainability Fee**

Mandatory Accident Insurance and Wellness Fee***
(All Main Campus Undergraduates registered in 6+ credits)

International Student Medical Insurance (Active F-1 or J-1 Visa Holders)
International Student Fee (Active F-1 or J-1 Visa Holders)


First Year Experience Fees
Semester Cost   

First Year Experience Fee - Fall Starts
(Required of all Full-Time, First-Time Undergraduate Students)

First Year Experience Fee - Spring Starts
(Required of all Full-Time, First-Time Undergraduate Students)


        Semester Cost

Alliance Residence Hall

 Single              $3975
Double             $3595

Burch Apartments

Single              $4440
Double             $4330

Catherine Monica Residence Hall

Single              $4450
  Double             $3900

Chardin Residence Hall

Large Room       $3610
Small Room       $3375

Coughlin Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900

Corkery Apartments

Single              $4440
Double             $4330

Crimont Residence Hall

Single              $3975
Double             $3595

Cushing Residence Hall

Large Room       $3610
Small Room       $3375

Desmet Residence Hall

Large Room       $3610
Small Room       $3375

Dillon Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900

Dooley Residence Hall

Large Room       $3610
Small Room       $3375

Dussault Residence Hall

Single              $4195
Double             $3990

Goller Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900

Kennedy Apartments

Single              $4440
Double             $4330
Premium Single      $5105

Lincoln Residence Hall

Single              $3975
Double             $3595

Madonna Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900

Marian Residence Hall

Single              $3975
Double             $3595

Roncalli Residence Hall

Single              $3975
Double             $3595

Sharp Apartments


Twohy Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900

Welch Residence Hall

Single              $4450
Double             $3900


Meal Plans                                                                                   
Semester Cost            

Bulldog All Access Meal Plan (Unlimited Swipes, $650 Bulldog Bucks)

ZAG Meal Plan A (14 Swipes a Week, $900 Bulldog Bucks)
ZAG Meal Plan B (14 Swipes a Week, $750 Bulldog Bucks)
ZAG Meal Plan C (14 Swipes a Week, $600 Bulldog Bucks)


Fines and Payment Plan Fees                                                     
Semester Cost         

Late Add/Drop/Withdrawal Fee, per each add/drop/withdrawal

Rebilling Fee of 1% or $2.00, whichever is greater
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
Payment Plan Late Enrollment Fee
Non-Payment/Non-Arrangement Fee - 3% Unpaid Balance varies
Returned Check Fine
Stop Payment on Check Fee


Other Fees                                                                                               

Semester Cost           

Degree Application/Late Degree Application Fee

ZAGCARD Replacement Fee
Course Challenge Fee: Undergraduate Only, per credit
Transcript Fee - in Person
Transcript Fee - Online
Fitness Center Fee (Optional for Part-Time Undergraduates)

*Fees Included in Tuition
Student Affairs Fee, Career and Professional Development Fee, Publications Fee, Facility Fee, Activity Fee, Mail Services Fee.

Fees Not Included in Tuition:

Accident Insurance & Wellness Fee *** now charged per semester
Students who are enrolled in an on-campus degree-seeking program are eligible to receive care at Health & Counseling Services and are enrolled in the university-sponsored Student Accidental Insurance coverage.  At this time, non-matriculated and Virtual Campus students are not eligible to receive care at Health & Counseling Services. The purpose of this plan is to cover accidental injuries that occur on campus or during university-sponsored off-campus events. This plan helps students cover the upfront cost associated with an accident claim, after their primary insurance has paid. Basic medical expenses associated with the accident may be covered at 100% with no deductible.

Gonzaga University does not offer a university-sponsored medical insurance plan to non-international students. Students in need of medical insurance are encouraged to explore available options at: www.gonzaga.edu/studenthealthinsurance

First Year Experience Fee
The First Year Experience Fee is required of all full-time, first-time undergraduate students and is used to help pay for the first-year experience program. First-Year Programs

Fitness Center Fee
The Fitness Center Fee is charged to all full-time undergraduate students and grants access to the Rudolf Fitness Center for that semester. Membership Services-RFC

International Student Medical Insurance
If you are attending Gonzaga University on an F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant visa, you are required to purchase the university-sponsored medical insurance for the duration of stay. For more information about this plan from LewerMark International, please visit: www.lewermark.com/gonzaga 

Sustainability Fee
The Sustainability fee feeds the Green Fund, which is a student-led initiative to help support Gonzaga’s commitment to “care for the planet” (Gonzaga Mission Statement); it supports a more environmentally conscious community and makes active the willingness to supplement the Climate Action Plan’s efforts to reduce the campus’s climate footprint and to cultivate life-long ecologically friendly habits by GU students.  It supports sustainability initiatives created and carried out by students. Sustainability at Gonzaga

**(Students can opt out of this fee, but they must submit a written request to Student Accounts each semester by the Add/Drop Deadline Date).

Technology Fee
The technology fee goes directly towards improving the student experience on campus. A few of the major areas this covers; increasing bandwidth, increasing wireless availability, curricular software in computer classrooms and labs, computer labs, printer/copier maintenance across campus, cable television accessibility, increasing available language options, IP TV service offering, server/cloud storage, software, OneDrive storage and support from IT Helpdesk team. Information Technology Services


The cost of books and supplies will vary depending on your major and class schedule and are not billed through the Student Accounts Office. Please see visit the Zag Shop Website or call 509.313.6390 for information regarding costs and payment options for purchasing books.

Bulldog Bucks is a stored value account managed by the University. It provides a convenient and secure way to make purchases using the ZAGCARD at both on and off campus locations. For more information visit: www.gonzaga.edu/BDB