Guest Payer Instructions

Making a Student Account Payment as a Guest Payer

Guest payers who do not need access to bills or account activity may still pay on a student's account by accessing the link below. Guest Payers are parents, spouses, employers, sponsors, etc., who are not given access by the student to view their bills or GU Student Account activity. Before making a payment, a guest payer will need to know the students ID number, last name, and the amount of the payment.

  1. To get started, go to:
  2. Enter Student ID and Last Name and click on Sign in, you will be connected to the Transact Payments Main Menu
  3. Click Make a Payment on the left side of the screen and enter your payment amount.
  4. Click on Checkout at the bottom and continue to the next screen.
  5.  Select your Payment Method (New bank account or enter credit or debit card) and click on Continue.
  6.  Complete your credit card or checking/savings account information. Do not add any spaces, dashes or punctuation marks and click on Continue.
  7.  Verify all of your payment information and then click the Pay button.