The Gonzaga Mediation Project

Teaching collaborative local dispute resolution. Facilitating access to justice.


The Gonzaga Mediation Project is an opportunity for law students to build skills in conflict resolution through theory, simulation, and real-time mediation disputes. This three-semester project focuses on psychological, communication, and negotiation aptitudes necessary for being a successful mediator, advocate, and neutral. This project provides law students a chance to apply measured competencies through mediation disputes and local small claim court cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Course*
Form skills and understanding of alternative dispute resolution.

Advanced Mediation Externship Practicum*
Work with expert mediators and apply skills to mediating conflicts.

Mediate Disputes*
Mediate live local disputes and small claims court cases.

*Completion of program requirements entitles students to a distinction on diploma.

Special thanks to Associate Dean Kim Pearson, The Gonzaga Mediation Project's Program Director and Founder 

Kim Pearson

For more details, contact co-organizers:

Samantha Meyers

Braden Agueros