Professor Drew Simshaw was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s story about AI and the practice of law. The article quotes his 2018 Hastings Law Journal article, Ethical Issues in Robo-Lawyering: The Need for Guidance on Developing and Using Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law.

Professor Dan Morrissey published an op-ed in the Hill discussing the role corporations must play in supporting racial and economic equality. He also published an op-ed in The Hill on the importance of private lawsuits by defrauded investors.

Associate Dean Agnieszka McPeak was cited by a Connecticut appellate court in an opinion on the ethics of informal discovery using social media. The court cites her 2014 Arizona State Law Journal article, Social Media Snooping and Its Ethical Bounds, and holds that lawyers cannot “friend” key witnesses on Facebook without also disclosing their purpose and role in the litigation. See Rosenay v. Taback, No. AANCV156019447S, 2020 WL 4341767 (July 2, 2020).