Pro Bono and Public Service

Gonzaga University School of Law, as part of its mission to educate the whole person to serve the public good, is dedicated to supporting student participation in pro bono and public service opportunities. The Center for Civil and Human Rights oversees programs which support the student in pro bono and public service work, as well as provides opportunities to students.

All Gonzaga University School of Law students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of public service for graduation. In addition, Gonzaga’s Pro Bono Distinction program recognizes students who have dedicated themselves to additional pro bono service. For more information on the required public service hours or the Pro Bono Distinction program, please see the Gonzaga University School of Law’s Student Handbook


How to Report Zags in Public Service (ZIPS) Hours

Fill out the Zags in Public Service (ZIPS) Form. Please submit your ZIPS Form via the TWEN page entitled "ZIPS GPSR and PBD Form." We no longer accept the forms via email. Please make a copy for your records.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Pro bono service is defined as providing law-related services, under the direct supervision of an attorney, for which the student does not receive academic credit or pay (including work-study, grant, fellowship, or scholarship money) to:

  • a non-profit organization or government entity
  • a lawyer or law firm providing services that comport with Rule 6.1 of the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, “Voluntary Pro Bono Public Service”
  • pro bono service projects coordinated by Gonzaga’s Center for Civil and Human Rights

Gonzaga’s University Legal Assistance clinic or an externship placement in excess of the work hours required for credit
an entity that a student works for in compliance with the terms of a grant or scholarship, in excess of the terms of service required for the grant or scholarship, if the work otherwise meets one of the requirements above

Pro bono projects and opportunities available for law students:

  • Students assist with monthly drop-in clinics to assist transgender individuals with updating their identification, including state IDs, passports, birth certificates, and Social Security information.
  • Students assist with “Know Your Rights” community presentations to provide information on LGBTQ+ rights, including information and resources on housing, employment, and healthcare.
  • For more information, contact: Michele Fukawa
  • Sign up for this pro bono opportunity through the Events page in ZagLAW
  • LFO Project students provide advocacy and information to pro se individuals who seek to have their LFOs waived or reduced
  • For more information, contact: Michele Fukawa
  • MMP is a statewide program under the Washington State Bar Association, which assists Washington residents who seek a referral to an attorney and fall between 200-400% of Federal Poverty Level. MMP students at Gonzaga University School of Law commit to working at least 5 pro bono hours per week. Duties include screening and interviewing clients, drafting case summaries, using the LegalServer database, and managing a caseload.
  • Students apply to MMP prior to the beginning of each term. The supervising attorney for MMP is Maggie Schott.
  • Through the Spokane County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Program, the Transitions Women’s Hearth Clinic offers family law and estate planning assistance to the community. Students are paired with a volunteer lawyer to offer legal advice and assistance with forms.
  • For more information, contact: Genevieve Mann
  • Sign up for this pro bono opportunity through the Events page in ZagLAW
  • Volunteers with World Relief Spokane Immigration Legal Services can expect to have a variety of research and drafting responsibilities, in addition to working directly with clients, assisting them in preparing immigration applications and organizing evidence. Volunteers who have competed Immigration Law and Professional Responsibility are preferred, as are those with the ability to communicate in a language in addition to English.
  • Interested students should complete this application form:

Public Service Opportunities 

“Public service” is broadly interpreted. It encompasses traditional pro bono legal work, but can also be satisfied by any of the following activities, so long as the student receives no compensation: 

  • Volunteering at a nonprofit charitable, civic or community organization (law or non-law related)
  • Assisting an attorney or law firm on a pro bono case
  • Any work over & above your required Externship or University Legal Assistance (Clinic) hours
  • Serving at a public agency
Public service opportunities coordinated through Gonzaga University’s Center for Community Engagement can be found here