Transfer FAQs

What are the admission requirements for transfer students?

All transfer students must complete the Common Application for Transfer Students.

There is no minimum number of college credits required to transfer and students are not required to complete an Associate degree prior to transferring. 

If you have more than 30 semester credits (45 quarter credits) when you apply, we need only your official college transcripts. We like to see a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7 for college work, but this can vary depending upon the difficulty of your course load, number of credits, and unique life circumstances.

If you have fewer than 30 semester credits (45 quarter credits) when you submit your application, we require a final high school transcript, SAT I or ACT (if under 21 years of age), in addition to all college transcripts.

Application Deadlines

Fall - Priorty application deadline: March 1 --- Final deadline: June 1 
Spring - November 15 

Be sure to also complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 for the upcoming academic year. Our school code is 003778. Students who commit to Gonzaga early have much better opportunities for scheduling their courses for the upcoming term.

Will my credits transfer to Gonzaga?

In general, your college credits should transfer to Gonzaga as long as they meet the following guidelines:

  • Transfer credits must have been completed at a college or university with regional accreditation recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.
  • You received a "C" (2.0) grade or better
  • Courses are college-level and academic (not remedial or vocational/technical)

Please refer to the on-line Transfer Guide to see how courses from your current institution transfer. The Transfer Guide is relatively up-to-date and complete for Washington State Community Colleges. However, for some institutions, the Transfer Guide is "built" as we receive students' transcripts, and may have only a few courses listed. Gonzaga reserves the right to review coursework equivalencies at any time depending on changing requirements.

Does my AA degree cover core requirements?

Students with an earned Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) degree from Washington State Community Colleges or North Idaho College are given junior standing and have fulfilled many of the requirements of the University Core Curriculum. University Core requirements to be completed upon transfer include: First-Year Seminar, Christianity & Catholic Traditions, and Core Integration Seminar. Students will also take a major-appropriate college mathematics course, Reasoning, Human Nature, and Ethics, unless they have already fulfilled these requirements. Communication & Speech is recommended, but not required, for students who have not completed a course in speaking skills.

The AB-DTA (Associate in Business DTA/MRP) also fulfills University Core as indicated above as well as the lower division requirements for the School of Business except for: Business Computing, Business Statistics and Business Math Analysis, unless taken as part of the AB.

Students pursuing degrees in Engineering are advised to follow the AS-T degree guidelines, rather than the AA-DTA to meet pre-requisites for upper division Engineering coursework. Students with an AS-T degree are granted junior standing and evaluation of coursework is on a course-by-course basis.

In all cases, students are encouraged to contact the Transfer Counselor well before anticipated transfer for assistance with course selection.

"I am a Running Start student (or dually enrolled), and I will graduate from high school and complete my AA degree at the same time. Do I apply as a 'Transfer Student'?"

No, Gonzaga considers you a 'Freshman with Credit,' and you apply just like any other high school senior. Be sure to pay attention to the freshman deadlines and admission requirements.

Will you accept courses taken elsewhere for the University core requirements?

In general, yes, except for Religious Studies. We will generally accept Religion or Theology coursework only from other Jesuit or Catholic universities.

What about major or minor coursework?

At Gonzaga, the academic Department Chairs determine if courses taken at other institutions can be used towards major/minor requirements.

As a transfer applicant, when do I submit the FAFSA? What about scholarships for transfer students?

The FAFSA is available October 1. We encourage applicants to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible. The priority consideration date for transfer students is March 1.

We do offer scholarships for transfer students. You can learn more about Gonzaga scholarships HERE. Be sure to scroll all the way through the page. 

"I already have a Bachelor's degree, but I want to pursue another line of study at Gonzaga. Am I a 'Transfer Student'?"

Technically, you are a "post-baccalaureate" student and a "second degree seeker", but you will apply as a transfer student. You will need to complete the University Core requirements, any additional College/School requirements, and any major requirements that you have not already fulfilled. 

Can I meet with a counselor and discuss my transfer?

Yes, absolutely! You can contact our Visit Office to make the appointment. Be sure to take a campus tour, talk to a Financial Aid counselor, and sit in on a class. To schedule a visit, call (800) 322-2584, ext. 6531 or (509) 313-6531.