Music Scholarships

Scholarships Available for Music Majors, Minors and Non-Majors:  Audition Deadline February 19, 2019

2019 Vocal/Choral & Piano Scholarship Audition Dates

  • TBD

Please contact Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Director of Vocal Program & Gonzaga Choirs to schedule your individual time for scholarship audition,, 509-313-6737

Four Types of Scholarship Awards

  1. Lesson Awards
    1. These scholarships are offered to students regardless of major. They are awarded to qualified students for membership in one of the performing ensembles. The awards cover the cost of private lessons and any lab fees involved in ensemble participation. Scholarship applications should be received no later than February 19, 2019.  All students receiving a Lesson Award are required to be enrolled in Applied Lessons and a Performance Ensemble each semester. (Exceptions must be approved by the Department Chair.)

  2. Music Major Awards
    1. Students wishing to major in music may qualify for music major awards. These awards average $3,000.  Scholarship applications should be received no later than February 19, 2019.  All students receiving a Music Major Award are required to declare music as their major, enroll in Music Theory I & II their first year,  and participate in Applied Lessons and a Major Performance Ensemble each semester.  (Exceptions must be approved by the Department Chair.)

  3. Merwin Music Department Scholarship
    1. Gordon Merwin was a member of the Gonzaga Men's Glee Club and the Gonzaga Quartet from 1935-1939. This scholarship honors his memory. Students who are currently enrolled in one or more music courses in the Music Department are eligible to apply. Students may apply for the award whether or not they are already receiving another music scholarship. The scholarship is a one-time award granted to students who have demonstrated outstanding musical and/or academic skills as well as substantive contributions to the Music Department. The scholarship amount is up to $3000. Multiple awards may be granted each school year.

      Eligible students should submit their application to the department chair by October 12, 2019, 5pm, in order to be considered for the award. The application consists of a 400-500 word Self-Statement outlining the applicant's merits, accomplishments, and strengths. These activities can include the student's participation in ensembles, leadership roles, competitions and awards, record of academic achievement, musical activities outside the university, service and commitment to the Music Department as well as a description of how they plan to make music a part of their future. Students applying are also required to submit their most current Gonzaga University transcript.

      Download the Merwin Scholarship Application form

  4. Lyle C. Moore Choral Scholarships
    1. In addition to departmental scholarships, students involved with choral ensembles are eligible for the prestigious and competitive Lyle C. Moore Choral Scholarships. These merit-based scholarships are offered to students based on their musical excellence and academic success. They are layered on top of music department scholarships and are awarded for four years. Students who are interested in applying for any choral/vocal scholarship should contact Timothy Westerhaus at



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