Student and Alumni Stories

Portrait of Megan Shultz, Music Education Major

Megan Shultz '19 studied music since childhood.  Piano lessons led to taking up the flute in the 5th grade and both the oboe and trombone in high school.  Her positive experience of music teachers having confidence in her ability to play multiple instruments and their encouragement to be a student leader in music programs inspired her to study music education at Gonzaga. She participated in several ensemble including Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Women's Chorus.  In her spare time, Megan also served as one of the student conductors of the Bulldog Band.  Megan just can't say no to a music opportunity!

She chose Gonzaga because it is a place where she could be her whole person, where she was challenged while still feeling at home.  Receiving a music scholarship allowed her to commit to her studies without greater debt anxiety.  It gave her a chance to explore music classes and ensemble that enriched her understanding of music theory, provided direct teaching and conducting experiences, and encouraged growth within a community of supporting students and faculty.  Megan especially appreciated the excellent mentoring in performance, pedagogy, and conducting from music faculty Dr. Robert Spittal, David Fague and Dr. Peter Hamlin.

Megan was also active on campus as an Orientation program student leader and University Ministry.  She plans to share music with her own students wherever there are plenty of trees!

Megan Carroll

Megan Carroll '19 has studied music since she was eight years old.  Growing up in Las Vegas offered her abundant opportunities to participate in and enjoy musical theatre.  These experiences nurtured her passion for singing. As a journalism major with an interdisciplinary arts minor, Megan dedicated herself to finding academic opportunities that kept music in her daily life.

Receiving a music scholarship facilitated her ability to continue vocal lessons and participation in the Women's Chorus each semester.  In gratitude, Megan served as the President of the Women's Chorus and looked for ways to promote and support other students' involvement in music programming at Gonzaga.  Through study, performance and working with Dr. Timothy Westerhaus and Darnelle Preston, Megan discovered a stronger voice within herself. 

Portrait of Mikaella Croskrey Computer Engineering Major

Mikaella Croskrey '19 studied computer engineering with a jazz performance minor at Gonzaga.  She actively participated in several ensembles including Jazz Combos, Jazz Ensemble and Gonzaga Symphony Orchestra as a multiple instrumentalist on violin and bass (upright and electric).  She says that there was something refreshing about changing gears in life, taking a pause after a full day of engineering classes in order to get together with very talented fellow student musicians and play music together.  It was often the highlight of her day.

Receiving a music scholarship allowed Mikaella to continue to balance her academic pursuits between computer engineering and music.  She appreciates the opportunities that David Fague and Dr. Kevin Hekmatapanh offered her to be involved, to continue learning, and to share music with the larger community.

image of Mitch Davey

 Mitch Davey '18 said his musical studies began at age 9 when his parents enrolled him in the Spokane Area Children's Chorus.  He continued to sing with SACC into high school, adding high school choir activity and private lessons.  At Gonzaga, Mitch studied music composition with Fr. Kevin Waters, SJ and voice lessons with Darnelle Preston. He was a valued member of the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, working with Dr. Timothy Westerhaus.

As a music major, Mitch spent most of his time singing and in music practice rooms.  He also studied a pre-medicine concentration program with an eye on attending medical school in the future. Finding a balance between two disciplines was always a challenge but his passion for both music and medicine was supported at Gonzaga.  Receiving a music scholarship was an honor and the reason he was able to continue studying music at Gonzaga.  The combination of direct financial assistance and the guidance of Dr. Westerhaus created a pathway for Mitch to pursue his dreams.

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