Material and Audition Guidelines

General Instructions

  1. You must apply to the University to be considered for a music scholarship, although you do not have to wait for any financial aid or any other information to be submitted to the University before AUDITIONING for a music offer.
  2. Submit all materials for the Music Scholarship application by the February 22, 2022 deadline for guaranteed offer consideration. The required materials are: 
    1. The Music Scholarship application
    2. One letter of recommendation from a non-family, music instructor
    3. Audition (see area guidelines below)
      • On-campus audition scheduled with your area director or submit digital recordings (CD, DVD, email attachment, YouTube link or Vimeo site link).

All materials, including letters of recommendation should be sent to:

Gonzaga Music Department
Attn. Scholarship
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA  99258
or via email to:

Preparation for the Audition

Every audition should demonstrate your various abilities.  You and your music teachers are the best judges of what is appropriate for you and what will best display your talent.  Please read the instructions carefully for each area. If you have any questions, email us at

Instrumental (Wind, Percussion & Strings)

Auditions should include two solos or etudes of contrasting nature (e.g., slow and lyrical, faster and more technical).  A single extended solo may be sufficient, if contrasting sections are performed.  Works should be performed with accompaniment if possible.

Percussionists are encouraged to perform on at least two of the three following instruments: timpani, marimba, and snare.  String players are encouraged to memorize.

If you have questions in the Winds and Percussion area or would like to schedule an optional ZOOM session, please contact:
Dr. Peter Hamlin at 509-313-6792 or

If you have questions in the Strings area or would like to schedule an optional ZOOM session, please contact:
Dr. Kevin Hekmatpanah at 509-313-6733 or

Jazz (Woodwinds, Brass, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, and Vocal)

Rhythm Section – Please demonstrate your ability to play within a rhythm section of a small jazz combo and/or large jazz ensemble.  Play-along tracks can be used.  Tune selections should be of contrasting styles and tempos.  Improvisation is always welcome and encouraged. 

Winds/Brass/Strings - Please play three scales of your choice to demonstrate range and tone production.  Choose three tunes of contrasting styles and tempos to demonstrate your ability.  These tunes can be played within a small jazz combo or using a play-along track or they can be individual parts from your school's jazz ensemble.  Improvisation is always welcome and encouraged.  

Vocal - Please sing three songs: two jazz standards and one other song of your choice of any music genre (classical, jazz, pop, country, classic rock, etc.).  Accompaniment by a rhythm section jazz choir or play-along track is encouraged but not mandatory.  Improvisation is always welcome and encouraged.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an optional ZOOM session, please contact:
Mr. David Fague, Director of Jazz Studies, at (509) 313-6735 or


Auditions should include two pieces of contrasting styles from different musical periods. At least one should be memorized.

Please include a list of technique and repertoire that you have studied in high school. If you are a transfer student include your college repertoire as well.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an optional ZOOM session, please contact:
Dr. Colleen Hunter, Instructor of Applied Piano at


2022 Vocal/Choral Regional Audition Dates/Times (30 min time-slots): TBD

Regional auditions will include a conversation with the Director of Choirs & Vocal Studies, vocalizing range, optional sight-reading, and an opportunity for asking questions. 

Vocal auditions require two video-recorded pieces.  We welcome a wide variety of music, such as art songs, folk songs, hymns, arias, musical theater, and gospel. English is appropriate for one or both selections.  If you sing in a foreign language, we welcome one or more selections in another language.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an optional ZOOM session, please contact:
Dr. Amy Porter, Instructor of Applied Voice, Conductor of Concert Choir; Conductor of Discantus Treble Choir at

Want to Connect with the Music Department?

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