General Studies in Music B.A.

Bachelor of Arts

Do you ever wonder about what things must have been like during the life of your favorite composer? Or how some music was created? Or how music and society influence each other? You’re not alone. Students in the music literature program are curious about all things musical, and they combine their curiosity with their love for music to create some amazing research.

For example, here are some of their recent thesis topics:

  • “The Offertory Motets of Palestrina,”
  • “Folk elements in Baltic art music: contributions to national determination movements in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,”
  • “A History of the Choral Music Program at Gonzaga University from 1886-1986,”
  • “Arnold Schoenberg and the 20th Century: A Philosophical Exploration of Schoenberg’s Life and Work,”
  • “The Role of Folk Music as a Source for Political and Social Commentary and Change as Seen Through the Music of Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Steve Earle,”
  • “Rhythmic Interpretations of the Pressus Major.”

The music literature program is a music degree emphasizing research and writing about music. It is an excellent preparation for graduate work in musicology and a fine complement to study in other disciplines.

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